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Non-Typical Hunter

Prepping for bow season

Mon, August 05, 2013

Yep, it’s been pretty quiet lately. Summer brings fishing for most, and many people aren’t thinking about deer season too much, unless you’re one of us die-hard deer dreamers!

Well, I’ve been testing new products all year and reviewing some pretty cool stuff. There’s been a lot of new and innovative ideas surfacing that I found to be very interesting. I’ve had my hands on crossbows, trail cameras, arrows, broadheads, food plot seed, targets, etc. I picked what I thought was the best of the best and sent all the other stuff off to be auctioned off. If you want to see my fall Hit List, here it is: Hit List

Throughout the summer, I’ve been rotating my trail cameras to track where my potential next buck will come from. I think I may be on a couple of nice ones this year. If they will only stay in these areas come October, I may have a chance! Here’s a nice trail camera picture of a buck taken in July:

If you plant food plots, now’s a great time to plant a fall/winter plot! Opening day bow season will be here in 7 weeks which is just enough time to get some nice tasty greens all ready for your favorite deer! I tested several brands of food plot seeds this year and realized there really is a difference! I also tested a tiller/disk set that you pull behind your ATV with great results too.

If you have some last minute trimming, lane cutting, etc. now’s the time to get in and get out before you disturb your deer herd. I’m almost finished with everything I need to do but I do have a few more things to get to before it’s too late. I officially finished my seminar speaking for the year, so now all I’m going to concentrate on is my bow season! Speaking of seminars, I was making and appearance with Troy Landry of Swamp People last week in Wisconsin and we were able to hang out a little bit after hours. I think he’s going to hunt hogs in my Ghillie suit soon. Who knows? It may work!


I was wondering if your findings with the Groundhog Max were with virgin soil or soil that had previously been tilled in past years for plot use ?

Your findings on it go against about every review of that type of implement I’ve read.

Posted by silbowhunter on August 05

It was in rough timber-like soil that has never been tilled! I made several passes with it and it turned the ground very well. I was very impressed.

Posted by Marc Anthony on August 05

Got to admit I was skeptical on the groundhog max, but once I improvised the hitch on my UTV, the thing worked great.  I did a 3/4 acre food plot on ground that hasn’t been tilled - start to finish in about two hours, that’s tilled, broadcasted and dragged. (I sprayed the area 2 weeks earlier)
Word of warning - I have an Artic Cat 650 4X4 UTV - the hitch on it is a piece of crap(and rated as such).  The receiver on it is a two piece with some spot welds to some thin steel.  I was attempting a food plot in May on some previous years tilled ground, and even on the highest setting it bent the hell out of the receiver and steel it was attached to.  I bolted some real 3/4” steel to the frame and welded a solid one piece receiver to it - worked great with no problems after that.

Posted by BIGPOND on August 05

They make a kit for UTV/ATV’s Bipond, that have weak receivers but I guess you’ve got it figured out!

Posted by Marc Anthony on August 05

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