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Non-Typical Hunter

One down, but second buck is tough!

Sun, November 11, 2012

What a season. Four bucks identified on four different properties but little time to hunt. October first was like an alarm clock going off ringing in my ears: “Marc, you have work to do.” Instead of getting out into the timber, my season started off on the job. From there, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing since. Bad economy? Not this fall anyway. I don’t think I’ve ever been busier. Not good for a guy who lives for the autumn skies. Thank the Lord I have a family that understands my workload and the time I have to spend in the woods or I would be disowned.

My family does understand that all work and no play brings out Marc’s dark side, and it ain’t pretty.  grin  Having said that, Marc has to take a day off now and then to maintain what little sanity there is left in his brain. But when time is crucial, Marc plays the odds!

The odds work like this; remove all techniques that aren’t optimum for the particular time of year, and make the plays that are most likely to produce. After it’s all said and done, add a little perseverance and a touch of luck and you may just close the deal. That’s exactly what happened to me on October 23rd. An unexpected emergency sent me out of my way only to throw off the rest of my day, so I was left with one choice; Hunt!

It was about 9:00 am. when I got back home so I quickly showered and hit the timber by 10:00 am. This was right in the middle of the so-called October lull period, so I headed deeper into the timber and setup about 40-60 yards away from a bedding area. It was quite thick and only left one real opening between the beds and a staging area which ultimately lead to water and some food. 70 minutes later, an old boy decided he had napped enough so he maneuver to another area preparing for his evening routine, and made the fatal mistake of walking past my fully loaded Bear Carnage with a heat seeking-like missile directed to his vitals. It was all over in seconds. 1 hour and ten minutes and I was on the phone calling in my buck to the DNR with my 170” 5x5 typical with a 23” inside spread. I had only one trail camera picture of this guy, so his whereabouts was a little sketchy!

Planning around a busy schedule can be frustrating to say the least. When times are demanding for me like they are now, I try to reduce the odds of failure by playing the best game I have for the particular time I’m hunting. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t, but you have to try! In the meantime, there are 3 more lucky bucks that I know of just wandering around. One is a tricky little devil, that is if you call 200+” “little”. If I could only find enough time for him…hmmm? The other 2 are aren’t pressured nearly as much, so maybe when the workload slows down a bit I can visit them!

Anyway, the heads are coming in slower this year for October, but they’re picking up now! I’ve got some real giants I’m mounting and they’re coming from places you wouldn’t dream of. Proof positive that micro-managing really pays off! FYI, Don Higgins compiled a new book and I wrote 3 chapters in it, along with 11 other authors I’m sure you’ve heard of, so if you’re interested in purchasing one, you can go here: Whitetail Icons . I will be happy to sign and personalize one of these books for you if interested.

Finally, here’s my latest buck below. I wish you the same fortune! Happy hunting!!!



Congrats again on another great buck.

Posted by Treehugger on November 11

I bet there are a lot of folks that would easily trade their 2 bucks for your 1 buck! Nice deer!

Posted by Walston on November 11

Marc,  Just curious, how tall are those G2s and 3s on that monster?

Posted by mossyoak on November 12

It’s a mainframe 5X5 with 23” inside spread, 14” G-2’s, 13” G-3’s and 25’ main beams. Not much for G-4’s or eye brow tines. Thanks for the congrats!

Posted by Marc Anthony on November 12

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