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Non-Typical Hunter

Monsters falling

Tue, November 22, 2011

Well, I can say this; some monsters were killed here in Illinois in the last week.

Never plan on hunting the week after gun season as a taxidermist, because if you do, you won’t have time! Even though the first two weeks of November were active, many are saying the third week wasn’t. I personally believe the bucks locked up with does a week earlier than expected for many. Even though they did, activity is not over by any means! Thanksgiving weekend should be a great weekend to hunt, in my opinion.

I had several booners dropped off for me to mount in the last 4 days, that are absolute giants! I have more world class heads this year than I ever did before, so my prediction is the food plots, deer management and selective shooting has really paid off for some of our herd. That’s encouraging for people like me who have another tag to fill with little time to do it. With two months left in the season, I think we’ll see more good bucks being killed before too long!

I have started taking my camera with me this year as to record some ground hunting action and I must say, it’s been fun. At the end of the season, I’m going to make one video out of all of them and upload it online. I think some of you will be amazed to see how close these bucks come to me! Even though I don’t have a kill on any of these videos yet, I’m hoping to fill my second tag on camera. It’s taking me some time to get this thing down pat without screwing up my hunting, but I think I’m getting there! I’m actually having more fun filming that killing, but that may all change once I get a chance at a nice one!

It won’t be long when these deer will be back on food, so keep at it as some of the best hunting is still around the corner!

Off and running…again! Maybe I’ll see some of you at the Avantis Dome in Pekin tonight eating venison. Cheers.


So where are the pics?

Posted by full draw on November 22

In my camera! Once I get permission to release them, I’ll post them. If I count yours FULL DRAW, that would make it one more but I didn’t because yours didn’t come in last week. Besides, your has already been posted grin

Posted by Marc Anthony on November 22

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