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Non-Typical Hunter

Local help with conceal carry registration and fingerprinting

Mon, December 30, 2013

If you live in Central Illinois and need help with your conceal carry electronic fingerprinting and/or registration, here’s some info regarding some help available locally: CC clinic


The obamacare website rejects put the IL site together. It crashes and doesn’t work. Only sorta works if you have an old version of internet explorer (@9) and install security flawed java. Then it most likely crashes again like it did on me for hours. I talked to them on phone and they are getting hundreds of calls per day of complaints. They said more than 300 today alone. And if you use mac its not compatible and they won’t accept paper applications. Won’t work with chrome or foxfire either.

Now this is after a news posting from IL State Police that everything was ready and fully tested! They expect more than 3-400k applicants next year but at this pace we will certainly have our rights violated for a delayed period of time.

Don’t even bother to try to get your digital signature for applying on the site for now till the state gets their act together.

Posted by JDBowhunter on December 31

Maybe I got lucky because I got my digital signature in 1 minute. Unfortunately, it didn’t let me know what to do with it, so I had to email the secondary party that put it together for them just to know where to use it. It took 2 days but they did get back to me. Either way, they have 90 days to get your CC permit or 120 days if you don’t get fingerprinted. The clinic I mentioned above is supposed to help you get it filed electronically. FYI, I used Google Chrome and got my digital ID immediately. Maybe that will help???

Posted by Marc Anthony on December 31

I’m a Mac guy so I had to actually borrow my kid’s PC to get signed up.  Got my ID quickly a few weeks ago.  Applied today successfully for both my wife and I.  Though the site was bogged down, my main problem was Biometrics…The company that did our Live scan prints.  They never submitted our prints to the ISP until I called them about it today.  Prints were done on the 23rd.  Finally got it all done by 4;30 today.  Now the wait starts.

Posted by Treehugger on January 02

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