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Non-Typical Hunter

Heads from 3 months ago to look at

Thu, January 17, 2013

Here’s some heads to look at from October. I’ll post some more as I finish them!

Here’s a head that would have been 200” if he hadn’t broken off his G-2 which was an estimated 11” long. He also was missing some other junk that would have added to his score. Still one heck of a buck!

Here’s an 8 pointer that was killed in October too!



I think you mentioned that you live in Goodfield.  What is your rate for a deer head?  Also do you stick to just whitetails or do you accept other animals as well?  I live in the Bloomington area.

Posted by illinibowhunter on January 17

ILLINIBOWHUNTER, my rate is $650.00 for a shoulder mount and now 3-5 months turn around time. I was 4-6 months on turn around time but I am able to reduce that now. I’m now only doing big game animals; speed goats, mullies, whitetails, etc. I don’t do birds, fish, etc. so I can keep my whitetail turn around time quick. FYI, I have several customers from the Bloomington area. If you want competition eyes, a cape sewn from a bad field dressing, etc. there’s no extra charge. I do only take a quota each year though, unless you talk it over with me before hand.

Posted by Marc Anthony on January 17

Awesome lookin mounts marc, Alot of people have no idea how much time goes in too a mount to make it look this good…Do you flesh the capes yourself and turn ears and etc?

Posted by WhitetailFreak on January 17

Yes, there’s a lot of time that goes into each head to make them look great! I have about 19-20 hours per head labor into each head. All of my capes are tanned commercially and professionally. I do the detail work on the capes, like remove the ear cartilage, extra thinning, etc.

Posted by Marc Anthony on January 17

I like the top buck the best.  Not talking about the rack.  Maybe it’s just the color of the hide or could be because he’s older and his head and face are more filled out.  Nice work!  Hope to make the drive to have you do one next year.

Posted by Andy Meador on January 17

Andy, the top buck has a massive 27” neck full of muscle and the bottom buck has a young, light colored cape. Not sure where you live, but I get frozen heads shipped to me from all over the country to mount. I ship them back finished. Some guys also ship them to me frozen, then come to pick them up. Either way, kill a bad boy and I’ll mount it for you.

Posted by Marc Anthony on January 17

Very nice Marc. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by Cooper on January 17

Marc I’m looking at this on my phone - small screen. Does the 8 pointer have wrinkled skin?  If so, it looks fantastic. Great work!  When are you going to finish your own heads from this season?  Keep the updates coming.

Posted by GalenaBob on January 17

Yes, both bucks have the skin wrinkled to expose the muscle and the twisted neck. I probably won’t finish my heads for some time. Mine are usually last unless I’m waiting for materials to come in, then I’ll put some of mine together. I still have over a dozen of my bow kills unmounted. Customers first! Thanks for the comments.

Posted by Marc Anthony on January 17

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