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Non-Typical Hunter

Gun season tomorrow for turkeys

Fri, October 22, 2010

Gun season opens for turkeys and will last all week into next weekend. I’m going to take my son hunting this week for turkeys, in between bow hunts. We’re going to have to do this the hard way and actually scout for them!

My last farm was so full of turkeys, you couldn’t avoid them…literally! It was the original drop site for the first 14 turkeys, in the county, that the state had acquired from Missouri. I had pictures of them dropping those birds on that farm in 1968. From there, they just exploded. Now the new farm I’m hunting also has birds but it’s nothing like the old place. I’ve seen a few scattered birds here and there but never a flock or a roosting site. Quite to my surprise, I haven’t even heard an occasional gobble when they roosted, etc.  Now and then they’ll show up on my trail cameras but never in quantity.

Just like the deer, I’ll have to go in and scout it out. I actually like doing that! It makes the hunt more exciting and mysterious. It’s like finding a pot of gold when you hit one of those special places you know will be productive. So off into the timber looking for thunder chickens we’ll be! One thing I haven’t looked up yet but I need to, is the answer to my question: If I want to bow hunt deer or turkey, can my son carry the 10 gauge to kill turkeys if I want to carry a bow to hunt either? I’m not sure how the law reads but I better look it up today! If I find the answer, I’ll post it here. I would hate to pass an opportunity to drop a big buck while in the timber! If I find out it’s not legal, we’ll stick with hunting turkeys. Dad and lad time is better than a big old buck any day!


Good Luck tomorrow! I’ll be waiting to hear of your success!
Also, for future reference and questions; the forum over at Southern Illinois Outdoors (SILO) has a section titled Ask the CPO. We are so very fortunate that we have our “resident” CPO who is available to answer questions. Bearing in mind that it might take a day or two to get an answer, but if it’s not a pressing immediate question it’s a great place to have issues clarified!

Posted by G on October 22

Thanks G! Ironically, I just got off the phone with a CPO and he said that you can only hunt one specie at a time. So, we’ll be hunting turkeys. Now, legally, I could hunt deer and my son could hunt turkeys but it’s not worth the hassle. Thanksgiving birds, here we come!

Posted by Marc Anthony on October 22

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