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Non-Typical Hunter

Deer Report from Central Illinois

Wed, December 01, 2010

As of yesterday and today, I was able to pass on several bucks from the 120 - 140” range but no does. It seems like the deer are moving out in the open again (and in day light). That was a welcome sign after weeks of unbelievably slow action from almost every spot I hunted from. Maybe it’s the cold weather? Maybe it’s the left over rut action? Maybe both?

I’m not going to gun hunt tomorrow, so I’ll be missing the action if there is any. I hope the deer are still moving throughout the week though! I’m looking forward to some serious bow hunting next week if the weather holds out. I like to sit out a few days every now and then just for a rest. By taking some time off, I’ll look even more forward to hitting the timber when the times come. Hopefully, we’ll still have some cold weather for next week too. I was speaking to some friends today from MN. and they were telling me that they have been fighting closed roads, schools, etc. from all of the snow they had. It’s the same in ND. too. Hopefully, we’ll see some of that also as long as the temps stay in the 20’s. That single digit stuff (and below) doesn’t work too well for these deer here in Illinois.

One interesting thing for me is that I’ve been seeing some of the deer come back into my areas that I had on trail cameras early in September and October. That’s a good sign for me as I’m still looking for a couple of nice deer that seemed to vanish from my grounds. It also could be a sign that these deer are transitioning back to their feeding and early season habits already. I hope that’s true because I would really like to target them and have something particular to hunt. There’s a real bruiser of an eight pointer that I think would go in the 160” range, that I would love to get. Unfortunately, he drifted away from me early in October. I also saw some really nice 150” class deer on my trail cameras and in person that I would really welcome back too! Come to think about it, a transient or two would be a nice surprise!

Keep the reports coming in! We should be getting some good stories soon, as December is an awesome time to hunt.  Keep sending pictures too! I posted some really nice photos at the Non Typical Hunter website lately, so check them out also.

Well wishes!


marc, Last night i was seeig a late season pattern actually for the first time.  Many deer coming out of a woods they winter in.  Best was a big 150s 8 we have been passing all year.  Tonight might be his last day alive on this earth though.  We are moving closer today in this wind.  Everything seemed very focused on food but this 1.5 that chased a doe by us.  I doubt she was actually in heat since the bigger bucks just fed in the field with the other deer.

Posted by clintharvey on December 01

I wish it was still bow season tomorrow.  In fact, I’d love to see our first gun season only for 2-3 years to help the herd catch up again in terms of population.  That being said, I’ll be out there in the morning.

Posted by Treehugger on December 01

Trent, I’m saying when the weather turns really cold here in Illinois, don’t expect a lot of movement. The 20’s are ideal for hunting as deer will move their best IMO.

Posted by Marc Anthony on December 02

Marc, I agree as to morning hunts, but afternoon hunts on corn or beans are better if it is zero.

Posted by bb5526 on December 06

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