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Non-Typical Hunter

Deer estrus to order?

Wed, November 06, 2013

Every once in a while I’ll find something that makes really good sense. I think this product does!

I’m struggling to fill my buck tags this year, so I’m forced to hunt into the rut. I decided to shop the local stores for some estrus urine and noted that most of it has been bottled for weeks, if not longer. Urine will turn into ammonia and break down as it ages, so the fresher, the better.

I came across Buck Stop Scents from MI. on Saturday while online. Monday, I had a bottle of fresh estrus doe urine in my hands! This company has been around for 60 years and if the stuff works, they’re doing it right! The price? $13.50!

I had a brief discussion with John, AKA Treehugger here on Heartland, and he informed me that he has used this stuff before with great results. Maybe with the rut so close, it’s worth looking into!

Check them out at Buck Stop Scents.



Do you mind giving us an overview on how you plan to use it?

Posted by shooter49 on November 06

I like to start somewhere I know deer travel, or at least a big buck travels. Then I’ll drag a cotton ball with a string attached to it from that area to the spot I want to hunt from. I’ll coat the cotton ball very lightly when I begin, then add more estrus as I get closer to my destination. I make sure the trail “heats” up the closer to my shooting location. If you don’t make it stronger toward your destination, the buck can go either direction. He’ll travel towards the stronger scent! Once I get to my ambush site, I’ll stop about 20 yards in front of where I’ll shoot from and circle all around my spot, but never TO my spot. You don’t want them to run into you, but rather walk in a circle around your area. By walking in a circle, sooner or later they’ll give you a decent shot opportunity!

Posted by Marc Anthony on November 06

I recommended timber valley fresh scent out of Petersburg. Great people great product and truelly local to boot! To each his own.

Posted by MitchG on November 06

Thanks, Marc. You haven’t steered me wrong yet.

Posted by shooter49 on November 07

Hunziker Deer Scent is the best way to go. Locally collected. Fresh. Refrigerated. And very effective.

Posted by Jeff Lampe on November 07

Where is that farm located it says central IL but do you know what town ?
I have been buying from a West Wind Whitetails out of Pa but think I’ll try your link next time, should get here faster.

Not trying to be a smart arse but I was thinking if the ave joe bought B.S. 200 proof  how would that be any different then any of the others on the market like Tinks or Code Blue for example ?
Doesn’t it also sit on the shelf in what ever store tell finally being purchased ?
I mean they aren’t going to bottle some up fresh for me and ship it to me like it appears they did for you.

Posted by silbowhunter on November 11

Silo, the “average Joe” gets the same treatment. You order it online, they harvest it fresh from the doe, bottle it and ship it to you. Your name then appears on the bottle grin

Posted by Marc Anthony on November 11

The white bottle you have pictured and the orange bottle aren’t the same product ?
I have bought/used the orange bottle in the past bought from a store shelf.
Thats what led me to believe the white bottle was just one they sent you didn’t realize they have a site it can be ordered from.

Posted by silbowhunter on November 11

Now they bottle it to order. Web product. only!

Posted by Marc Anthony on November 11

Query me this.  A whitetail doe only stays in estrous for a 24 hour period, typically mid Novemeber and then again in 28 days if not bred for another 24 hours (so on and so forth).  How does anybody collect “estrous” doe urine, bottle and sell prior to mid November?  Or do manufactures take liberties on the word estrous?

Posted by buckbull on November 12

Nope, it’s legit. Hormones are controlled by daylight, or the lack of, and as daylight diminishes towards fall and winter, their hormones kick in. By artificially reduces light, they can control when they want their does to come into heat and produce estrus urine.

Posted by Marc Anthony on November 12

i watched a video on how they harvest doe urine. interesting process. they keep individual females in stalls with concrete floors that funnel the urine to a collection point. then bottle it. thats how they do it from individual female deer

Posted by controlfitter on November 16


I ordered a bottle of the stuff late last week.  I am planning on using it this weekend.  Hopefully it will be the magic ticket to bagging a big bruiser.  The shipping is a bit much ($10) hope the stuff works as well as advertised.  I will keep you posted on how my hunt goes.

Posted by GalenaBob on November 19

Galenabob, I had some bucks and a few does hanging around it, so I’m not sure if the bucks were there before the does or not, but I did kill a buck within 15 yards of my estrus wick last week! Let me know how it works for you.

Posted by Marc Anthony on November 19

Marc,  How much of it did you use around your hunt?  Did you use multiple wicks win a semi circle or make a mock scrape?  Can you share your technique or a recommended technique.  I heard the rut may peak later this year based on the moon phase.  I read an article that claims the rut will be between Nov. 14 -25th???  Many others are claiming it is already here and has peaked?  The article I read is at”

Any thoughts?

Posted by GalenaBob on November 19

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