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Non-Typical Hunter

Crazy weather means crazy activity

Tue, October 26, 2010

Despite 50+ MPH winds, I saw a lot a activity. Normally if I were a tree stand hunter, you wouldn’t get me anywhere near a tree in these winds but because I’m not, it was an ideal day to be hunting deer.

Although the timber could have been considered a hard hat area today because of the limbs falling, it definitely was a good place to be this morning. Deer were active from the crack of dawn all the way to 9:30 am. I watched does graze and bucks chasing does for the most part. One bruiser showed his face but I let him walk for several reasons not worth mentioning. Bottom line: When the barometric pressure drops, deer WILL move no matter what time of day it is, unless it’s raining hard.

This is going to be an interesting week! Why? Because the “stars” are lining up. Pre-rut is here, weather will be changing and winds will not be so predictable. Conditions like these WILL get them moving throughout most of the state. It’s only going to get better from here!


Glad to hear your take on this! Hoping to catch a few big boys on film this evening - Jim’s making me green with envy with all of his recent outstanding deer photos.  Can’t wait to see what this evening brings!

Posted by G on October 26

YUP!!  Couldn’t agree more Marc!  Hi temps kept the Harvest of Mature bucks down in Oct.- way down- especially as compared to the cold October of 09- It’s been very quite in the big buck world so far- But You’ve got it down- A huge weather change right at the normal start of the rut chase phase- Look Out!

Posted by walmsley on October 26

So Marc -

I always enjoy your contributions but missed out on the fact you like to hunt from the ground.  I’m sorry if you’ve had articles and I missed them but I would appreciate hearing more about it from your perspective.  There are several places I could see that ground hunting would be the best approach but I’m too ingrained in my habits to try it.  How about a re-fresher course for those of us that feel the need to hang out in the trees.  I need to expand my tactics a bit - including stalking (which I think would be a hoot) and doing more corn-stalking.  Unfortunately all the corn is out this year so I missed my chance….  wink
Thanks -


Posted by RiverRat on October 26

G, it may not be as good tonight as it was today! It’s the big “CHANGE” that gets them moving! Now if a front comes in tonight, then by all means, GET OUT THERE! I haven’t checked the weather for tonight yet.

Tim, you’re right, these temps stink. Last week was a good one! Had many heads come into the studio. It’s dropped off sharply. I think it will pick up again this week.

RIVERRAT, shame on you for not reading my ground hunting articles LOL. I won’t punish you today, instead, I’ll tell you how to get the info you need because there is not enough space here to write it all. You can either go to the newsstand and pick up the Mathews annual magazine, published by Deer and Deer Hunting, and look up my article called “Grounded”. It will give you a ton of info! Or, if you want more, click on this link and buy my webinar. I don’t get any of the proceeds as I donated this to D&DH; magazine (the next one will cost them ) Tee Hee. It’s only $10.00 bucks and you can download it to your computer to review over and over! http://krausebooks.com/product/How-to-Kill-Big-Bucks-from-the-Ground-Online-Course/outdoors-online-courses/?r=dhbsar4951y0278 . Killing deer from the ground offers you a ton of opportunities!

On my website, http://www.nontypicalhunter.net I placed a new link there called “Ask Marc”. In the future I’ll have new software that will allow you to ask questions in real time and get a rapid response from me! It’s almost finished, so give me a few weeks more. I’ll still have my blog here but this will make it easier for me to direct people, like yourself, to a quick answer. Sort of like a FAQ’s page!

Posted by Marc Anthony on October 26

Statement as of 7:30 am CDT on October 26, 2010

... Record low October barometric pressure at Springfield…

The barometric pressure this morning has fallen to 29.03 inches of
Mercury at Springfield at 434 am CDT. This is the lowest pressure on
record for the month of October. The old record of 29.18 inches was
set way back in 1892. The all time record lowest pressure at
Springfield is 28.71 inches on Feb 28 1902.

This may help explain what is happening today.

Posted by Lynn on October 26

10/26/2010 0605 am

Decatur Airport, Macon County.

Thunderstorm wind gust m52 mph, reported by ASOS.

Posted by Lynn on October 26

Lynn, I could hear the wind roaring through the timber around my house all night and it reminded me of:  The a.m. Alarm goes off the first wk of Nov.- My wife stated the night before, to make her get up to go huntin no matter what! So I say: “Get up! Lets go”. and she says: “Is that the wind I hear?” And I say-“No Dear, get your butt up”. And she say’s- “Close the dam bedroom door behind you and be quite in the kitchen”!!!!

So I come back in around 10a.m., and she says: “why the hell didn’t you make me get up?”!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by walmsley on October 26

I live in chicago and we are having 60 mph wind gusts and a huge drop in temps.

Posted by jcurri on October 26

John, I heard it’s worse from your area, to way up north into MN.and WI. !!

St Louis had buildings collapse early this morning-

Hey Lynn, My wife hunted last night in those wind gusts, came in and wanted to know if that stand I sent her to, which is a ladder in a completely dead elm tree, on the downwind side of a field, was safe! I said- Well heck ya!  That tree’s only been dead for 1 year! hell honey, those dead elms will stand, even with no bark on them, for a few years!! It’s still got a couple limbs on it even! So don’t worry, Get back out there!

Posted by walmsley on October 26

And, no, that is not why they call it the windy city wink

Posted by Walston on October 26

Hey Marc - everything was stirring around like mad…does - too many to count - 8 or 9 little spikes/young guns, turkeys out the wazoo - two owls, umpteen squirrels..but the big boys refused to come out to play until dark. :( Soooo Jim Mordaq is still kickin my butt on buck pics LOL

Posted by G on October 26

Well G, at least you had some action! If you want to see big bucks, you have to be where the big bucks are. Wasn’t it last year you had all of those pictures of the big monster bucks in the beans and corn? Maybe you ought to try Franklin co grin

Try the staging areas and the deeper timber this week. You know, if would be a shame if I get some pictures of big bucks with my little digital camera wouldn’t it? LOL Don’t worry, I won’t :-(

Posted by Marc Anthony on October 26

Got it Marc - thanks!  I’ll definitely check those options out..

Posted by RiverRat on October 27

“The massive windstorm has set a Minnesota record for the lowest barometric pressure — 28.41 inches — and lashed an area from the Dakotas to the eastern Great Lakes.”

I bet the deer were moving all over much of the USA, during this monster windstorm.

Posted by Lynn on October 27

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