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Non-Typical Hunter

Concealed carry does work Chicago!

Sun, December 16, 2012

All I can say is “Watch and enjoy”!


Too bad Gramps could only handle a 380ACP.  Those boys could have used a larger dose of medicine.

Posted by jpphish on December 17

Strange, I didn’t see this on CNN or MSNBC.

Posted by bowhunterdave on December 17

im tired of seeing all the sheple on tv sayin all the shootings are caused by guns.. saying guns kill people is like saying a spoon made me fat.. just doesnt make sense. We need more law abiding citezens armed to protect them self and the people around them. just like in the video the old man may have saved many many lives by doing what he did

Posted by addicted2rack on December 17

Those guys came into that place acting pretty tough . . . but ran out looking like a couple of school girls!

Posted by Gilly1 on December 17

If I remember correctlyfrom the original story, the gun that the kid was carrying was not even loaded. Punk kids. Come on Illinois CC!

Posted by kschroeder.DVM on December 18

Not even just Ilinois, but if schools or any place of business required certain members of staff to be licensed, trained on a monthly or quarterly basis, theses massacres could not necissarily be avoided but the death/injury rate would go down drastically. The thing alot of anti-gun people don’t realize is exactly like in this video, if Grandpa had just pulled out the gun and pointed it at them (not shooting it) they probably would have still ran away.

Posted by bowfisher1 on December 19

ADDICTED2RACK very humorous response to a very serious situation. I LOVE YOUR PERSPECTIVE!

Posted by enjycreation on December 21

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