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Wed, October 24, 2012

If you plan to hunt deer, I would get out tomorrow ahead of the cold front which may be here in the middle of the day. Pack a sandwich and some water and hit it early and don’t come back until it rains! Same goes for Friday and the weekend; get out and hunt!

With the so-called October Lull being here, get a little deeper in the timber and expect mid day action. Hunt outside of bedding areas and keep a keen eye out for movement. Now is not the time to slough off. It also wouldn’t hurt to make a mock scrape or two and start teasing that monster in your area to stop by in the daytime. By all means next week, use some estrus treats and entice him to visit your area often. Put a little energy in it and reap some rewards! Be careful not to over check your trail cameras now and don’t over visit these sites. Have a plan and plan to attack.

The word on the street is the deer populations are way down and little movement in many areas here in central Illinois. There’s no doubt EHD and the oversold archery and gun tags from the last few years have put a dent in the herd here in Illinois, but give it your best shot! Hunters are hunting harder and some are having success. I think we’ll see some more harvests coming in real soon!

This is the time of the year we are all waiting for, so lets do this! Good luck.


Good Advice..short and sweet.. I cant wait for this weather to change.  I am getting tons of pictures of bucks and does right before sunruise and sunset. Scrapes and rubs are forming like crazy.  Im hoping this weather will get them moving more during light

Posted by sibowhunter20 on October 25

Agreed, now is the time to start doing all day sits as the even the Big Boys are getting antsy! Travel routes and doe bedding areas, only a matter of time before catching a nice buck out scent checking and even chasing.  As Mark said this is what we wait for all year so time to put as many hours on stand as possible!!  Good luck to everyone!!

Posted by BOWHUNTR on October 25

Today I was on a job site checking on a job at 3:40 when the front just hit and three does trotted right past me without even looking to see that I was right there standing. I just love it when there’s a frontal passage. Unfortunately I couldn’t hunt today. That seems to be a real problem for me lately!

Posted by Marc Anthony on October 25

You really know this stuff marc. I have covert cameras which send pics and i got a pic at 5:40 of a big mature 150.  Im gonna hunt tomorrow. Hope they are still moving.

Posted by jcurri on October 25

Looking forward to the next 2 months!! 

Good article in Bowhunting magazine Marc!

Posted by Andy Meador on October 26

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