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Non-Typical Hunter

Conceal Carry course highly recommended!

Wed, November 27, 2013

I just completed my Illinois conceal carry class and received my graduation certification. As many of you know, Illinois was the last state to legalize CC and didn’t want it, but due to a Supreme court ruling they had to comply. Beginning January 1st 2014, Illinois will begin the authorization of CC permits.

As of lately, classes are popping up offering the required training needed to possess the Illinois CC permit. With January just weeks away, now is the time to get on board with good instruction! I reviewed and participated in this class from KAM Shooting Sports with Kevin Moody and Ken Simmons as lead instructors. I was very impressed and satisfied with the instruction! They took their time, offered an open forum where you could easily and comfortably ask questions along the way, in addition to keeping the shooting phase completely safe and smooth running. Nobody was rushed and everybody had more than adequate one-on-one time if needed.

I especially appreciated the fact that our instructors had decades of military and law enforcement experience. That’s important because a person can get a better understanding of what should be done from a police officer and ex-marine’s perspective. If you want to learn more, feel free to read the entire article I wrote on qualifying and required documents/items to bring:


Deer estrus to order?

Wed, November 06, 2013

Every once in a while I’ll find something that makes really good sense. I think this product does!

I’m struggling to fill my buck tags this year, so I’m forced to hunt into the rut. I decided to shop the local stores for some estrus urine and noted that most of it has been bottled for weeks, if not longer. Urine will turn into ammonia and break down as it ages, so the fresher, the better.

I came across Buck Stop Scents from MI. on Saturday while online. Monday, I had a bottle of fresh estrus doe urine in my hands! This company has been around for 60 years and if the stuff works, they’re doing it right! The price? $13.50!

I had a brief discussion with John, AKA Treehugger here on Heartland, and he informed me that he has used this stuff before with great results. Maybe with the rut so close, it’s worth looking into!

Check them out at Buck Stop Scents.


A sluggish beginning

Tue, November 05, 2013

“Where’s all of the deer?” That’s all I hear these days. It’s starting to sound like a broken record.

I’m not sure how to answer that question. Of course, we all know the whitetail population is way done from several years ago, but how much? I’m not sure we’ll ever have that answer. One thing I know for sure; Illinois isn’t the same whitetail “Mega” state it used to be. You can argue this, or argue that, but at the end of the day you know something has to be done.

I’ve spoken with several taxidermist lately and they’re all saying the same thing: “little action”. In all fairness, I can remember a few years like the current year where all of the heads came in at once and the numbers added up. What bothers me personally is the fact that October was especially slow for many. I’ve hunted nearly every day in October and only came across 2 bucks worth shooting. Are we imagining things here or does this state need fixing?

My purpose of this post isn’t to start a fiasco or to point blame because I’ve learned from the past, it doesn’t get us anywhere. My point is to gather information from individuals from different parts of the state to compare notes. I know some parts of the state are doing well and others just flat out stink. So let’s take a survey!

Post below about the quality of your hunting area and type next to it “Stinks” or “Good”. I don’t want to know your county!  Keep that to yourself!

Regarding EHD, yep, it’s everywhere I hunted this year. 2 years back-to-back surely didn’t help. I think it’s time for some adjustments, what do you think?


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