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Recent entries


Non-Typical Hunter

Small racks, big necks

Sat, October 30, 2010

Four hours on the road today, (both ways), and nothing but bucks. Small bucks that is. Heaven’s curtains opened, letting sunlight in and shortly after I was greeted with a forky…at ten FEET from where I was kneeling. He wouldn’t move and I thought there may have been a bigger buck behind him, so I was anxious for him to leave. I almost slapped his rear-end but the last time I did that to a doe, she almost kicked my arm off of my torso, so I just waited this time. Shortly after, a spike and then a series of 8 pointers with the biggest one about 130”, strolled by. Their necks were swollen though, so they’re feeling their oats!

I attached my digital camera to my bow today in hopes of getting my first filmed bow kill but I almost butchered my hunt with the doggone thing! Good thing a monster didn’t show up or I would have lost him for sure with all of the fumbling around I did with that stupid camera. If you hear a deer coming, you have to take your gloves off, turn it on, hit the record button, move the entire bow in the direction of the deer, etc, etc, etc. Heck with that! I’ll kill em’ then take a picture for crying out loud!

I don’t like to move a thousandth of an inch when I’m hunting from the ground but today, I think I moved all over the map. It’s just too tough trying to film from the ground when you’re all alone. Normally, I see the deer coming, then draw and point the arrow in a fixed position allowing the deer to walk into it. Doing it that way creates very little movement and the deer never see you messing with anything. Today was a joke! I felt like this was my first year hunting. I was also hoping to see some turkeys since I can fill my tags with a gun or bow, but no luck.

Are the leaves crunchy or what??? Man I hate leaves! It took me 40 minutes to walk a 10 minute walk. It’s only going to get worse once the mornings start freezing over. Years ago, I tried to invent boots that would silence any sounds from the crunchy leaves. My son and I created baffles, etc. but the size of the boot would have to be double the normal size. That’s not very comfortable, so it’s back to the drawing board with the boots! In the meantime, I’ll have to just rough it.

OK, I’m finished complaining. Phew! It should be getting really busy in the next two weeks, so I’m going to rest up for this one. I’m going to do some heavy duty rut hunting, something I don’t often do, as I want to see what kind of transients come through this place. Camera or no camera, the arrows are ready to fly again!


New Illinois Deer Opener Show

Thu, October 28, 2010

I’ve opened the door for a new deer show coming to Illinois, possibly Peoria or Bloomington! I’ve decided Illinois is missing many elements regarding quality deer hunting and strategies. I also believe Illinois hunters would benefit from a show just weeks before the opening season! I want a show that is different and not a copy of previous shows.

Although I’m in the process of a survey, it’s evident Illinois deer hunters want to see and learn different things that are not readily available to them. I want to provide what’s missing! I think a show that concentrates on offering solutions, technique and hands-on products, will ultimately benefit the hunters of Illinois. I’ve got ideas that will blow some people away and I can’t wait to put them in motion.

So for now, stay tuned for future notices as I put this idea to reality. I will listen to each and every idea or concern from anyone, so let them fly! I will have more information in the near future on my website, so when I get that finished, I’ll get the word out.

Happy hunting!


Crazy weather means crazy activity

Tue, October 26, 2010

Despite 50+ MPH winds, I saw a lot a activity. Normally if I were a tree stand hunter, you wouldn’t get me anywhere near a tree in these winds but because I’m not, it was an ideal day to be hunting deer.

Although the timber could have been considered a hard hat area today because of the limbs falling, it definitely was a good place to be this morning. Deer were active from the crack of dawn all the way to 9:30 am. I watched does graze and bucks chasing does for the most part. One bruiser showed his face but I let him walk for several reasons not worth mentioning. Bottom line: When the barometric pressure drops, deer WILL move no matter what time of day it is, unless it’s raining hard.

This is going to be an interesting week! Why? Because the “stars” are lining up. Pre-rut is here, weather will be changing and winds will not be so predictable. Conditions like these WILL get them moving throughout most of the state. It’s only going to get better from here!