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Troy Jackson


Strip Mine Report 6/3 & 6/4

Thu, June 23, 2016

During a now not so recent three day/two night family camping trip I was able to work in some bass fishing around all of the other stuff that comprises one of our outdoor adventures.  Can’t say that the bass fishing provided much for the highlight reel compared to the rest of the weekend.  However, the pact I made with myself when I started writing was to report the details of every outing no matter what the catch.

Date: June 3-4, 2016                        
Location: Little John Conservation Club (3 lakes)
Time: About 6 hours scattered over two days
Totals: 22 bass
Lures: Senko wacky rig (rainbow trout or green pumpkin with black flake) – 19 bass, Booyah Buzzbait (white) – 3 bass
Top Bass: pair at 1-2 (Senko and buzzbait)
Weight: 4-15 (1-2,1-2,0-15,0-14,0-14)

Notes & Nonsense

Troy Bass
6/3 7:02pm 14” 1-2 Senko Trying to do the right thing with a lifejacket when fishing with my daughter, Carly (actually a good idea regardless although I don’t practice what I preach).

Part I – The first leg of bass fishing took place while rowing my youngest daughter around a favorite fishing hole trying to put her on some panfish (more on that aspect in a later post).  She got a kick out of outfishing me (9 panfish to 5 bass) but did enjoy some of the bass acrobatics and a one pound fish was greeted as a trophy by my soon to be ten-year old fishing partner.  Always fun to see fishing through the eyes of a young angler.

Troy Bass
6/4 7:47am 13.5” 1-2 Buzzbait best I could muster, gotta tell it like it is.

Troy Crappie
What the heck is this fish?  Just kidding and actually should try this on purpose on occasion but bassing time is limited…

Part II – I couldn’t raise my co-angler from her pile of blankets in the tent the following morning so I hit the same lake for about two hours flying solo.  I was able to fool nine bass but the best was only 1-2 on a buzzbait.  Lowlight conditions with a little chop and some rain had me hoping I could get something going on topwater but the bass continue to think otherwise here in 2016.  Not surprisingly, the Senko saved the day landing seven bass; always a good choice whether Plan A or Plan B.

Part III – A longtime friend, Jim Junk, stopped out late afternoon and we were able to get in just under three hours of bassing on a pair of lakes and teamed up for fifteen bass.  Sounds like a broken record for this weekend but we couldn’t fool anything particularly impressive.  Jim had also visited Banner Marsh earlier in the day with a quantity over quality haul so it just wasn’t meant to be for either of us in terms of upping our Top 5 limits.  Regardless, it was cool to share a boat with Jim and shoot the breeze about fishing and otherwise spanning thirty plus years of friendship with Jim and his family.

Jim Bass
Jim sent me this pic from his trip to Banner prior to joining me on the water.  He noted that this short fish nailed his Senko despite having already had some lunch.  As agressive as some of these bass are you sure think they’d be easier to fool.

Pretty much to the point for this wrap-up although it was actually a pretty exciting weekend of fishing.  I plan to be back at some point in the next week or so with a look at the “fishing guide” portion of the adventure.  Talk to you later.  Troy