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Troy Jackson


Strip Mine Report 4/12

Wed, April 16, 2014

My brother and I had quite a time on a collection of local public access strip pits last September so we were excited to get another shot last Saturday.  Our 2013 visit produced 83 bass for us with a combined Top 5 weight of 15-7.  We improved on both accounts this time around.

Brent Bass
11:41am 1-9 Emiquon Special Spinnerbait

Date: April 12, 2013                          
Location: Knox County strip mines
Time: 10:20am-6:05pm (5.75 hours fishing, the rest walking/driving)
Weather: Partly cloudy/very windy
Air Temp: 60-70F
Water Temp: 60F (measured near the bank)
Totals: 107 bass (9 different lakes)
Brent Totals: 51 bass
Troy Totals: 56 bass
Lures Brent (estimates): Strike King Red Eye Shad (sexy shad) – 36 bass, Emiquon Special Spinnerbait (brown/orange) – 8 bass, Jig (black/blue) & plastic (pumpkinseed) – 6 bass, Mann’s Baby 1- crankbait – 1 bass
Lures Troy: Strike King Red Eye Shad (orange craw) – 34 bass, Jig (black/blue) & #11A pork frog (black/blue) – 15 bass, Chatterbait (white) – 4 bass, Jonn Graham Swim Jig (bullgill) with hammertail trailer (Halloween) – 2 bass, Bomber Flat A (baby bass) – 1 bass
Top Bass Brent: 3-8 Jig & Plastic
Top Bass Troy: 4-6 Jig & Pig
Top 5 Combined Weight: 17-2

Brent Bass
11:44am 3-0 Emiquon Special Spinnerbait

Notes & Nonsense

First & Last – We’ve long joked that catching a bass on your first cast is the kiss of death but not so much this time around.  My first cast produced a dink on the Red Eye Shad and I was able to follow it up with 55 more, nearly all of them larger than that initial 8.5 incher.  At the end of the day I announced to Brent that I was making my final cast and moved to a spot I’d left alone for a bit hoping to find one more bass.  I did but it threw that bait near the bank ruining my shot at bookend catches, but who’s complaining.

Troy Bass
12:08pm 4-2 Jig & Pig

A Welcome Misnomer – Our trip was two pronged beginning with a batch of lakes we’d fished together last fall.  One of them I’d named 2x4 Lake after it produced a pair of four pounders that day.  Well, I’m sticking with the name despite the fact that it could now be referred to as 3x4 Lake. 

Brent Bass
12:34pm 1-12 Emiquon Special Spinnerbait

The Answer My Friend…- With all due respect to songwriter Bob Dylan (I do dig his tunes) I still prefer the classic Peter, Paul & Mary version of “Blowin’ In The Wind.”  And boy, was that the answer on this heavy wind day.  Many of our pits set up real nice with the wind howling down the cuts and stacking up the bass on windblown points, pockets or dropoffs.  It was textbook bassing and a blast, almost fooling a guy into thinking he was quite the bass fisherman.

Troy Bass
1:37pm 2-2 Jig & Pig

Chasin’ Bass Can Kick Yo @$$ - We were wore out by the end of the day after covering several miles of always interesting strip mine terrain.  I didn’t ask Brent but personally I had a sore left foot, a sore right knee, a knot in my lower right back from lugging too much tackle, a sun/windburned forehead and neck, a bruise on my lower left ribcage from the rod butt following so many hooksets along with sore forearms and wrists from casting, hooking and battling.  All in all though a fair trade and I’m ready to do it again when the opportunity arises. 

Brent Bass
4:33pm 1-4 Strike King Red Eye Shad (sexy shad)

Brent Top 5 Update – Brent isn’t as meticulous as his older brother when it comes to documenting so I had to pester him a bit to make sure we got his Top 5 entries recorded and photographed.  Thanks to his skill and my perseverance he now has a limit he can work on culling as the year progresses.  The photo above was kind of amusing as he caught the 1-4 on the opposite side of the lake and I needed photo verification as required for the Top 5 project.  Although I could have hit him with a cast across the narrow lake, it would have taken me about five minutes to walk to him along the typical world of strip mine terrain.  Therefore, I elected to zoom as much as I could and take the shot I could get.  Along with his four other entries he now stands at 11-1 (3-8, 3-0, 1-12, 1-9 and 1-4).

Troy Bass
11:47am 1-7 Jig & Pig

Troy Top 5 Update – Coming into this trip I had 3 bass for 3-7 (1-7, 1-0 and 1-0) from my lone outing on a Snakeden Hollow lake in March.  I was able to boot the pair of pounders in reaching my limit and my Top 5 now stands at 13-8 (4-6, 4-2, 2-2, 1-7 and 1-7), every single one on the good old black and blue jig and pig, early spring bassing at its finest.

Troy Bass
4:58pm 4-6 Jig & Pig

Top Bass – My Top Bass of 4-6 set a new site record besting a 4-3 I caught last fall.  The fish came on a jig and pig (black and blue of course) as I worked it up a dropoff near a shallow saddle between two fingers on a spot I call Twin Lake.  The water is quite clear and I actually saw the dark shape of a bass taking a look at the jig as it came into view about six feet deep.  When I saw the big boy go nose down and my line start to move sideways I knew I was in business.  I hollered at Brent who was around the corner and pretty soon he was taking a snapshot of me and my 2014 best (so far).  It’s tough to describe how cool it was to see that fish decide my jig was worth eating.

Brent Bass
5:43pm 3-8 Jig & Pig

Playing Fishing Guide – Part two of the day was a handful of lakes that I’d fished with good number results but low quality.  Brent had yet to see any of these fishing holes so I gave him my assessment on the ones I looked to hit.  I told him there was one where you could catch bass after bass but nothing much to brag about and we wound up combining for 29 bass in 30 minutes.  For two others I cited the potential for some quality fish and one produced a 4-6, the other a 3-8.  It’s cool when the bass have your back.

One final note to close concerns the Strike King Red Eye Shad that dominated Brent’s haul.  Dad told me the next day that he had given it to Brent saying that he’d seen it in action and it does the trick.  Brent didn’t start out casting it but saw that it was indeed an effective approach and elected to shift gears.  I wonder if he would have broke down and asked if I had a spare had Dad not helped him out.  I also wonder if I would have actually given him one for free.

Talk to you later.  Troy


Great outing guys! Looks like next week is going to be pretty nice all week, so, I bet a lot of new entries come in next week for the top 5. Sure hope that means spring is finally hear to stay after Monday’s white stuff…

Posted by esox_lucius on April 16

Hell yes!!! Congrats on kickin some B@$$!

Posted by coinman66 on April 16

Nice job guys! Looks like a promising start to the year for you Troy, with a pair of 4 pounders. Way to go!

Posted by Illinoisbassnbucks on April 16

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