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Troy Jackson


Colors - #1 Bling Bling

Fri, March 30, 2012

I work predominantly with youths who are in their teens and most of them are enamored with hip hop music and culture.  Frankly, I’m not at all a fan of the music genre (or much new music period these days) as I’m more of a classic rock guy stuck in the 70’s and spilling over into the 80’s.  Of course, I suppose it could also be the good old generation gap as I’m more than a few years removed from being fourteen or sixteen like many of my charges.

Bling Bling

But I figured that this lure color would provide me with a chance to exude some semblance of “hipness” while pursuing a bass bite.  For if you are not aware, “bling” is slang for the gaudy jewelry worn by a number of today’s popular artists.  Well, “bling ain’t my thing, ‘cause all I got’s a ring” and I don’t even wear that while fishing as it needs resized and I’m afraid it’s going to fall off as I reach to lip a bass one of these days.

In addition, to forgoing “bling”, I’m not much for sagging my pants although they do sag because I’ve dropped about forty pounds in the last two years and I’m too cheap (and broke) to buy new ones.  Call me old fashioned but I’m also not into using profane language, disrespecting authority or demeaning women.  Finally, I don’t own any stiff billed, tilted ball caps bearing the logos of sports teams that I don’t actually root for but instead are often intended to show allegiance to a more sinister bunch of thugs.  I don’t wear my hat funny; I just wear a funny hat.

Nope, instead of all that posturing, I’m simply going to drop $3.49 on a five pack of Bass Pro Shops Humpin’ Toads in Bling Bling.  Here’s hoping that this flashy, froggy fivesome spawn a few major hits of their own while hip hopping over the slop during their debut later this spring.

Honorable Mention (sticking with the music theme for my finale, drum roll, please)
Bad to the Bone (Strike King Red Eye Shad $5.29) – George Thorogood & the Delaware Destroyers, 1982

Déjà Voodoo (XCalibur EErratic Shad $7.99) – Kenny Wayne Shepherd, 1995

Mr. Green Jeans (Norman Lures Deep Diver 22 $5.49) – Various rumors over the years had this Captain Kangaroo character being the father of Frank Zappa or Ted Nugent; simply urban legends, however.

Wild Thing (Bandit Lures 100 Series Crankbait $4.99) – The Troggs # 1 hit from 1966, also impeccably covered by Jimi Hendrix.

Electric Strawberry (Bass Pro Shops Tournament Series Squirmin’ Worm $2.99/18 pack) – Sounds like a 60’s psychedelic rock combination of members from The Electric Prunes and Strawberry Alarm Clock.

And this concludes “Meandering’s” colorful broadcast month of March, irregular programming will resume shortly (cue “The Star Spangled Banner” courtesy of Jimi Hendrix which I’m sure also ruffled a few feathers back in the day, this ain’t nothing new).  Talk to you later.  Troy



Well done Troy. Looking forward to the next adventure.

Posted by coinman66 on March 30

Thanks Troy I enjoyed the series. I fully understand the gerational gap and its interesting watching the youth of today trying to accomplish the most basic tasks becomes difficult. It should take two hands to accomplish this task but one is holding the sagging pants up…. Suppose I was involved in such appalling behavior back in the period of time when they still made good music…

Posted by enjycreation on March 30

Thanks to both for hanging in there this month.  I’ve had a good time.  Of course wished I could have fished more but it is what it is.  Hope to keep things rolling for April.  Had to smile at the “when they still made good music” comment, my sentiments exactly (even though some of it really wasn’t that good in retrospect, it’s still “my” music).  Troy

Posted by 13bass on March 30

Another good read, Troy.  Hopefully, you get a chance soon to try out all these new lures.

Posted by James S on April 03

James S,

Thanks for the compliment, hope to get to put them to use at some point.  Always thought this would be a decent blog if the guy ever actually went fishing…Troy

Posted by 13bass on April 03

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