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Lake Doctor

Headed To Gulf Shores!

Tue, October 19, 2010

Oh yea! As soon as I finish this blog post I am headed to bed. I will only sleep for about 4 hours and then I will be headed to the beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama! This is kind of a last minute trip, but the tides are right, the forecast is perfect, and all the houses on the beach through Meyer Realty are 1/2 price!

I have been traveling to Gulf Shores pretty much every year for the last 26 years. It is the perfect place to mix a fishing and family trip together. I fish in the mornings before everyone wakes up, then I lay on the beach and swim with the kids all day long and head back out fishing after dinner. I know every nook and cranny and fishing hole from Orange Beach all the way to Fort Morgan. This year I am hoping the fishing will be extra good since there hasn’t been any fishing pressure since the oil started spilling earlier this year.

Here are some favorite pics from past fishing trips to the gulf:

Our main species of fish we will be targeting this time of year from the shore are redfish, flounder, and whiting. Those are the best eating! We will also catch sheepshead, drum, ground mullet, ladyfish, bluefish, spanish mackeral, speckled trout, and a few varieties of sharks. Typically I use live shrimp and pinfish for bait and will put on just enough weight to keep my bait on the bottom. I look for deep pockets along the beach during high tide, and I will go to the passes where water rushes out of lagoons and bays into the ocean during low tides.

I will be posting fishing and eating pictures pretty much every day while down there. It is a 14 hour drive and as soon as I get in about 5 pm ish on Wednesday I will be walking down to Bahama Bobs and ordering a cajun crawfish poor boy. Or maybe the fresh yellowfin or even the mahi mahi sandwich? Ooh maybe the fried shrimp poor boy sounds good….I guess I will have 14 hours to decide which seafood to eat first, and if I can’t make up my mind by then I guess I will just have to get em all!


Man that sounds good hope you have a great trip. Stop in “Live Bait”, in Orange Beach, and have some fried blue crab claws for me.

Posted by mdoc on October 20

I will definitely be doing that. The seafood nachos is what I usually get at Live Bait, but for you MDOC I will be eating and posting a pic of the fried blue crab claws! Thanks for giving me the reason to order more seafood!!

Posted by Nate on October 20

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