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Lake Doctor

Gulf Shores Trip Day Five

Mon, October 25, 2010

The sun worshippers were not nearly as happy as I was to see the sun go on Sunday morning. The only problem was the rain and high winds that came along with the clouds. We still made the most of the weather, and started the day of right by cooking up a huge breakfast.

Since the beach was not pleasant to be on, we hit the gulf shores zoo. Its a small zoo, but perfect for the kids. They got cups of zoo puffs to feed many of the animals.

Then we headed to the pool for about an hour. The pool has a wood fence around it which blocks the wind nicely. After the pool we all hit nap time for a couple hours. Then we headed out to our fishing spot at the pass. It was stormy, windy, rainy, lightningy, and thundery outside so we were very surprised to see 6 guys spread out and in our spot we had found. Its amazing how fast word travels when your catching lots of big fish!

We set up shop about 30 yards down the way, since we were too nice to cram in. We figured we could wait them out with the nasty weather and all. Anyhow we set out our big rigs and then passed the time by catching white trout, flounder, and some crazy fish.

We filled up the cooler completely with nice fish, but were kind of disappointed to not be able to fish our honey hole for the big reds. We finally went in at 9 pm.

The guys who set up shop right in our spot were not friendly at all (that is putting it nicely). A couple of them I recognized from scoping us out the night before, which is no big deal, but they brought in several friends to keep everyone away. We just stayed away and watched them catch 5 big huge redfish. We still had a chance at hooking up in the spot we were at, just not nearly as good of a chance.
Monday we plan on taking it easy and finally resting and relaxing before heading for home early Tuesday morning. We will hit the beach and I am sure we will do a little fishing, but just for an hour or two as an activity for the kids.