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Big Bucks Corner

Photo of the Day

turkey Jim Crane of Farmington shot this 21 pound turkey on his Fulton County Farm in May.
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KC's Corner

Reflections on Change

Wednesday, July 23

Some objective thoughts on recently announced deer management changes.


Heartland Outdoors

DNR makes deer season changes

Tuesday, July 22

The DNR is making changes to the 2014-15 hunting seasons, reducing gun permits in places and taking 20 counties out of the late-winter season.


KC's Corner

Life After the Late-Winter-Seasons

Monday, July 21

What happens to some counties once they are removed from the LWS?


Heartland Outdoors

QDM Field Day in Goodfield

Monday, July 21

The West Central Illinois and Heart of Illinois branches of QDMA have a habitat and QDM Field Day Saturday near Goodfield.


Stay on Target

Preparations For My First Western Hunt

Monday, July 21

This September I am heading to Wyoming on my first western hunt.


KC's Corner

Preliminary 2013 DVA Data

Friday, July 18

The numbers we've all been waiting on.


Heartland Outdoors

Cedar Lake deer hunt OKd

Wednesday, July 16

Bowhunters will be able to hunt deer at Cedar Lake after a decision by the Carbondale City Council.


Heartland Outdoors

Study: Deer hunting helps forests

Monday, July 14

According to a study by Purdue researchers, regulated deer hunts in Indiana state parks have helped restore the health of forests suffering from decades of damage caused by overabundant populations of whitetailed deer.


KC's Corner

Changing the Rules

Monday, July 14

How we've moved away from the rules agreed to by members of the Joint Deer Task Force.



Chief A.J. suing DNR

Monday, July 07

Chief A.J. is hoping to force the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to allow the use of slingshots for deer hunting


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