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New IDNR Whitetail Site Goes Live

Mon, May 08, 2017

The new Illinois DNR whitetail deer website has gone live!

You can check it out here!


Who is the author of this website? 

Portions of the information on here are just ridiculous and continue to imply that Illinois has too many deer. For example, see paragraph entitled “Hunting” on the “Landowner’s Role in Deer Management” page. Here are some choice quotes:

“Try to have one hunter for every 10 to 15 acres of wooded habitat.”

—Maybe its just me, but 13-20 hunters on a 200 acre farm seems not only incredibly dumb but also unsafe if talking about firearm season.

“Hunt from elevated tree stands and refill productive stands. During the firearm seasons, four or five deer may be taken from a single stand in one day.”

—So the website is encouraging a guy who owns 200 wooded acres (with a hunter every 10-15 acres) to try to kill somewhere between 50 and 200 deer in a single day of the firearm season? Completely absurd!

“Maintain hunting pressure (number of hunters in the field each day) throughout the season.”

—I’m sure this strategy will result in successful hunts…

Posted by 2bgbck on May 09

I pulled up one page that was done in a light baby blue background, and they had a message in white lettering, but I could not see it good enough to read it. I’m sure they will have to make some adjustment here and there. I have not had a chance to look over the content of the site yet, so I’m going to wait and give it a look over first.


Posted by Ringtailtrapper on May 09

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Farm auction prime hunting and fishing deer three tracts