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IQ Bowsight Guarantee

Sun, March 18, 2012

SUPERIOR, Wisc. — The folks behind the revolutionary IQ Bowsight are so confident that the IQ will greatly increase your accuracy thanks to its patented Retina LockÔ Technology, they are now offering an unprecedented money-back guarantee. Your IQ Bowsight will increase your effective range by at least 20 yards, or you get your money back.

In an industry first, the makers of the IQ Bowsight are so confident in the remarkable leap iq bowsightforward in technology that their Bowsight provides, they have put their money where their mouth is by offering a guarantee that promises a 20-yard extension to your current effective range, or they will buy your IQ back for the retail price of the sight.

“In the two years since we introduced the IQ Bowsight, our customers told us time and time again how it has dramatically increased their level of accuracy,” said Mike Weinkauf, executive vice president. “More than 97 percent of our customers have reported that they absolutely love the IQ. They have seen a significant increase in their effective shooting distance, and that has elevated their confidence in making longer shots.”

With the Retina Lock on the IQ bowsight, you simply center the dot before the shot. This unique design allows for instant feedback that will identify even the slightest torque or anchor point change. This actually forces proper form, builds confidence and extends the effective shooting range. It is this revolutionary technology that allows the company to make the 20+ Yards Guarantee.

“This is an industry first, and we’re certain there is no other sight company out there that can make this claim and stand solidly behind it,” Weinkauf continued. “Now you have nothing to lose when you install an IQ Bowsight on your bow, but you are set to gain 20 yards of effective range. And we guarantee it.”

Originally introduced in January 2010, the IQ Bowsight took the archery world by storm. With its patented Retina Lock technology, the IQ Bowsight quickly became regarded as the world’s most accurate archery sighting system. The IQ Bowsight does not use any batteries or have any exposed parts. Its four-axis adjustment ensures a perfect alignment with almost any bow on the market.

The new IQ Bowsight is available in four- and seven-pin configurations in both left- and right-hand versions. It is available at retailers with suggested retail prices of $199.99 and $219.99 for the four- and seven-pin configurations, respectively. A new IQ Sight Light is also available now for brightening up those dark dismal mornings and evening.

For detailed information on the IQ Bowsight and to view the detailed video and impressive commercials, visit the website at

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