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Initial Archery and Youth Season Harvest Totals Down

Wed, October 11, 2017

Initial deer harvest numbers for youth season and the first days of archery season are down a bit from last year. At this point it’s too soon to tell what exactly may have contributed to the decrease. It’s worth noting that many areas experienced unseasonably warm weather patterns.


Through Monday, October 9, 2017, Illinois archery deer hunters harvested a preliminary total of 5,281 deer, compared to 5,413 for the same period in 2016.
Harvest to date has consisted of 70% does and 30% males (3678:1603).  Top five counties were Jefferson (150), Pike (127), Franklin (122), Fulton (118), and Jackson (104). 


Youth deer hunters harvested a preliminary total of 2,372 deer during the 3-day Youth Deer Season (October 7-9, 2017), compared to 3,259 in 2016.
Harvest sex ratios were 48.5% female to 51.5% male (1151:1221).
Top five harvest counties were Pike (115), Adams (90), Randolph (88), Jefferson (76), and Jackson (67).

You can find the county by county harvest breakdown HERE


Say it ain’t sooooo. Deer populations low?

Posted by kirkv on October 12

Way too many variables to make assumptions on the first 9 days of the season.  Weather.  Crops.  Even the days of the week.  In 2016, 4 of the 9 days were on the weekend… the season opened on a Saturday.  This year only 3 days in the first 9 days… the season opened on a Sunday.

Posted by Kevin C on October 12

The deer herd is up where I hunt. Crops and unfavorable weather is effecting the harvest. It will continue until crops are cleared.

Posted by chrismaring on October 12

Yep up, after some bad EHD numbers, after finally being taken out of LWS and not shooting does for 5 years. Still not near what it use to be, but getting back on track.

Posted by BIGPOND on October 12

Even with the ridiculous crossbow use now, I’m shocked.

Posted by Buck-Man on October 16

From my experience in Indiana and late season, crossbows are not the cure all solution for making you a better hunter. In some instances, it is easier. Others, it is more work and a liability. If Indiana is an indicator, there will be quite a few nice crossbows for sale in a few years.

Posted by chrismaring on October 16

From the numbers I’ve read from other states, the TOTAL deer harvest was minimally affected by the full inclusion of crossbows.  While the “crossbow” harvest numbers went up, the “compound bow” harvest numbers went down.  And basically negated each other.

It will be interesting to see if IL follows suit.

Posted by bw on October 20

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Monday night bass tournaments