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IDNR Seeking Applicants for Conservation Police Officer Trainee

Wed, November 22, 2017

SPRINGFIELD, IL – The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) is seeking applicants for the position of Conservation Police Officer Trainee.  While the Department is not yet hiring, the selection process will begin with a written exam in January with the intent to hire up to 20 officers in 2018.

Applicant testing is scheduled through the Illinois Department of Central Management Services (CMS) Examining and Counseling Division.  Interested applicants should submit a CMS100 employment application to CMS, which can be found online through this link:

Applicants should also review the hiring information contained on the IDNR Law Enforcement webpage:  https://www.dnr.illinois.gov/LawEnforcement/Pages/ConservationPoliceOfficerCareerOpportunities.aspx

Conservation Police Officer Trainee is a state employment position title for which CMS does not test on a regular basis, so those interested in the position are encouraged to apply and participate in the testing scheduled for Jan. 22-25, 2018 and Jan. 29-Feb. 1, 2018.  Reporting instructions to the exam will be provided by the CMS Examining and Counseling Division.  If applicants have not already submitted a CMS-100 application to CMS Examining, they should be prepared to bring a completed CMS-100 application with them to the assessment center on the day that they anticipate testing.  Applicants who are seeking a waiver of the college degree requirement under PA 97-0948 and who have not yet established their status with the CMS Veterans Outreach Program should be encouraged to submit their military documentation to CMS-VOP as soon as possible prior to testing to establish their veterans preference status.  Questions regarding establishing veterans preference status should be directed to CMS-VOP at 217-524-1313.

Conservation Police Officers have full police authority, with an enforcement mission focused on natural resources protection and outdoor recreation safety.  Duties include enforcement of criminal and vehicle laws in state parks; patrolling Illinois lakes and rivers and enforcing boat safety laws and regulations; enforcing state and federal fish and wildlife laws and regulations; enforcing timber buyers act, forest protection, endangered species protection, and snowmobile registration and operation laws; enforcing laws and regulations regarding commercial establishments including taxidermists, fur buyers and fish markets; and, enforcing IDNR administrative rules and regulations.

For more information on the IDNR Office of Law Enforcement and the Conservation Police Officer hiring process, review the detailed information available on the IDNR website at https://www.dnr.illinois.gov/LawEnforcement/Pages/ConservationPoliceOfficerCareerOpportunities.aspx or contact Lt. Curt Lewis, IDNR Office of Law Enforcement, One Natural Resources Way, Springfield, IL 62702-1271, phone 217-785-8407, e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


The CPO class from several years ago was kept in limbo way past their training period.  These poor men and women didn’t know if they were going to have a job or not.  IMHO, this showed a total lack of testicular veracity (to quote a former Illinois politician) on the parts of everyone from the governor to the chief of Law Enforcement.  If I were a young person looking for a career in conservation law enforcement I’d make a wide berth around the state of ILL-inois.

Posted by riverrat47 on November 22

Reality check: 1st there has not been any funding approved yet for hiring a class. This is testing only. 2nd. Veterans have preference for these positions. There will be a “series” of lists created by this testing (which is not conducted by DNR/it is conducted by Central Management Services. DNR will first go to the veterans list. Only if they are unable to get enough qualified veteran applicants will they go to secondary lists. The next list they will go to is females and minorities. Again that list must be exhausted before they can go to the final list of applicants that have scored an “A” on the testing. Nothing will happen without an influx of additional appropriation of money to DNR (at the same time as DNR will need to be getting additional funding to develop the ATV park in Southern Illinois. Cranking up new sites sucks up a lot of internal funding as was seen when Site M/Jim Edgar came on board. That one site bled to DNR dry for about 5 budget cycles in a row.)

Posted by The Colonel on November 23

The colonel sure knows alot about the IDNR:):):)

Posted by WhitetailFreak on December 04

I have to agree with what the colonel said about the hiring process. Its not what most people think about when appyling to these jobs but it is the truth. And everyone on here is aware of the funding in IL…..it it a shame that we dont have more CPOs!!

Posted by DEER451 on December 04

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