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Hadley Creek charged with baiting

Wed, November 15, 2017

BARRY, IL – Illinois Department of Natural Resources Conservation Police have issued more than 50 citations and warnings for illegal deer hunting and related offenses this month. The illegal activity was discovered during enforcement details in Pike and Adams counties on Nov. 8-9.

Conservation Police officers focused on activities on deer hunting properties managed by Hadley Creek Outfitters, based in Barry, IL, including the unlawful feeding of white-tailed deer, and allowing clients to hunt deer over a baited area.

During the enforcement detail, Conservation Police officers confirmed approximately 6,400 acres were baited and unlawful to hunt in Pike and Adams counties. Bait is defined as any material, whether liquid or solid, including food, salt, mineral, and other products that can be ingested, placed, or scattered in such a manner as to attract or lure white-tailed deer. The illegal areas were baited with trophy rocks, mineral licks, piled corn, and corn scattered among food plots.

Hadley Creek managers, guides, and clients were cited for multiple violations of feeding deer and hunting over baited areas. Officers working the detail also came across additional violations in the area which were committed by hunters who were not involved with hunting on Hadley Creek properties.

Violations discovered during the detail included: Unlawful Feeding of White-tailed Deer, Unlawfully Hunting White-tailed Deer over a Baited Area, Transportation of an Uncased Bow and Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Untagged Deer, Unlawful Possession of Another Individual’s Deer Permit, Failure to Report Deer Harvest Same Day as Kill, and Falsification of Residency to Obtain Permits. Illinois Conservation Police officers issued 46 citations and 7 written warnings during the detail.

Illinois has taken a proactive approach to prevent the further spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). It is unlawful to make available food, salt, mineral blocks or other products for ingestion by wild deer or other wildlife in areas where wild deer are present at any time. CWD is a fatal neurological disease of deer, elk, and moose. The disease is always fatal in deer and there is no treatment or cure. CWD is transmitted directly from one animal to another, and there is evidence that it also can be transmitted from contaminated places in the environment (for instance, a feeding area where saliva and excrement from an infected deer is present). CWD was first found in Illinois during the fall of 2002. The disease has been confirmed to be present in 17 northern Illinois counties.


Got to say , the locals I heard from in the Quincy area are loving it.

Posted by walmsley on November 16

Here’s hoping that this will be the beginning of the end for these outfitters that monopolize properties and have caused Illinois residents issues in finding spots to hunt.

Posted by buxandbass on November 17

BUXANDBASS, I am not a huge fan of the outfitters buying up all of the land around BUT how many THOUSANDS of acres do you own? That’s right, you own thousand of acres of property. It is called public land. We will ALWAYS have a place to hunt. It just depends on how bad you want to hunt.


Posted by kschroeder.DVM on November 17

Walmsley, You buddy are exactly right: Ole meyers is on a roll and i dont see him stopping anytime soon.Im making bets who is next…..

Posted by WhitetailFreak on November 19

It’s a start but don’t hold your breath.  The DNR at one time let Hadley Creek also issue permits for their clients.  They had their own computer kiosk to issue permits from the DNR.  They got in trouble from all the illegal activities over that also.  What should happen is they should loose their outfitting license.  Now that would make sense,but not in Illinois.  Slap them on the wrist again and keep the money rolling in with out of staters.  With the numbers dwindling to around 13-15 thousand out of state permits sold they won’t do much to them.  As for public land I know a couple of guys that hunt some and from what they say it’s overflowing with people.

Posted by muzzyman on November 20

If IL tax payers “own” the public land here, then we should be the ones hunting it.

Because just like all the leased and outfitted private property, the public ground I’ve hunted is over flowing with NR hunters.  Last time I hunted public, the parking lot was 8 to 1 out of state plates to IL plates.

Posted by bw on November 20

Also, shouldn’t there be some sort of law regarding chronic offenders.  How many points does an outfitter accumulate before losing their license? Wouldn’t it be the same as the average hunter or fisherman?

Posted by bw on November 20

I wonder if the Drury brothers are squirming right now?

Posted by buckbull on November 20

Baiting what!!!  Every store that carry’s hunting supplies has a isle reserved for all of these products.  How about banning these from being sold in the first place!!!  Its funny cause by the end of the season the shelves are empty.  What a joke:(

Posted by muzzyman on November 20

BUCKBULL, You can bet your ass thsy are!!!!!!lol

Posted by WhitetailFreak on November 21

Sounds like some think this was not about the illegal activity, but some sort of hard on over outfitters ??

I’m not a fan of baiting, but I have to try and understand the mind set behind those that are against it. I am not sold on the idea that CWD is spread in this manner, because of other states that have allowed for decades, and seem to have no problem with CWD. I also understand the need to feed in some regions of the country for the purpose of maintaining the herd, and allowing the opportunity of selective harvest, something all deer hunters in this state could use a little more of. I know some think its just unethical to shoot something drawn in by food, but what are you doing when you plant a food plot ?? Are you not really doing the same thing ?? Yes you feed other deer within the herd, but you do the same thing by spreading feed, or baiting. To me its just a little hypocritical to plant food plots, and then stand up against baiting. Just my opinion, and nothing more, a life of observations is all I have to offer to the conversation.


Posted by Ringtailtrapper on November 29

RTT I agree somewhat and disagree somewhat.  I don’t think food plots and baiting are a true apples to apples comparison.  There are much more limits to food plots than to baiting.  If the deer eat my bait up, I can easily replenish not so with a food plot, also a 3 or 4 acre food plot does not always present the same bow shot as might a concentrated baited area.  If mother nature does not cooperate (like this year) I can’t chum the area with what they like.  If the law tells me the only way to bait is via food plots, then thats what I have to do and my neighbor should also have to do it that way.  I understand your point just hard time with the comparison.  Should it be frowned on when I create a waterhole or more habitat as this is all done to entice more deer to my area and yes my stands.

Posted by BIGPOND on November 30

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Monday night bass tournaments