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Crossbows Now Legal for All Hunters

Tue, September 12, 2017

SPRINGFIELD, IL – Hunters in Illinois may use crossbows during archery hunting seasons, including the Illinois Archery Deer Season and the Illinois Fall Turkey Archery Season beginning on Oct. 1.

Governor Bruce Rauner signed into law House Bill 2893, which amended the Illinois Wildlife Code to repeal restrictions on the use of crossbows during archery hunting seasons in Illinois.

Illinois law previously allowed the use of crossbows for archery hunting by persons age 62 or older, and those persons with disabilities who qualified for a crossbow permit issued by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR).  In addition, the previous law allowed certain youth hunters to use crossbows, and allowed all archery hunters to use crossbows beginning the Monday after the second firearm deer season.

The 2017-18 season dates for archery deer and fall turkey archery hunting in Illinois are Oct. 1, 2017 through Jan. 14, 2018.  Archery seasons will be closed Nov. 17-19 and Nov. 30-Dec. 3 during the Firearm Deer Season in those counties open to firearm deer hunting.


I know at lot of deer hunters see this new legislation and are totally against it, but I see it as a good thing (overall) for the sport.  I think as sportsmen, we need to support one another and focus on the sport and the wildlife instead of attacking one another on the mechanism that they enjoy in their pursuit.  I personally don’t care what you prefer to hunt with.  It’s up to you. If this helps draw more people into the sport of deer hunting, or allows someone to be more proficient - how can that be bad?  I’ll be 59 soon and got into archery hunting about 30 years ago.  I’ve had both rotator cuffs repaied (and one torn bicep muscle) in the last 9.  It has impacted my archery hunting and while I could have gotten the permit for the X-box - I chose not to.  I don’t like them.  So as long as I can use my compound - I’ll stay with it.  Longbows are out of the question and I guess if at somepoint - I have to go to a X-bow to bow hunt - then I’ll have to make that decision.  But that’s just it - it should be MY decision based on MY enjoyment and how I chose (or not) to participate.  I wouldn’t want someone to tell me what kind of boat I get to fish out of, or car I get to drive or any of that.  So long as it’s legal, ethical and within the spirit of fair chase - I say support the choices we have!  Welcome new members to the outdoors community - but stop attacking each other.  There are enough anti-hunters out there as it is.. 
Good Luck everybody - Hope you get to fill a tag…. 

Posted by RiverRat on September 12

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Monday night bass tournaments