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Crossbow Bill Passes Both Chambers

Tue, June 27, 2017

HB 2893 cleared both houses. The bill amends the Wildlife Code and provides that any person may use a crossbow to take wildlife during the appropriate archery season. Repeals crossbow provisions limiting the use of crossbows to specified conditions, together with a related definition of the specific conditions. It’s worth remembering that the bill will still need be to be signed by the Governor, and the current admin rules will have to be changed before stepping out with your crossbow for the upcoming seasons. After the governor signs the bill, it will then go to JACR for the the neccesary changes to the admin rules for IDNR. To keep up with changes in DNR regulations and admin rules, visit the IDNR Admin Rules page. There are sections for both the current or adopted rules, and also proposed rules. See the July print edition of Heartland Outdoors for a peek at some of the proposed rule changes.


Anyone out there know if Rauner is leaning one way or the other with this bill?

Posted by buckbull on June 27

does it really matter at this point in this state-
only thing left is rifles

Posted by walmsley on June 27

Originally i was worried about this but I saw some information about deer harvests before and after crossbows were legalized and it really didnt differ much.  I talked to my archery shop about this as well and he has learned from guys he knows in other states that their is a rush to get a crossbow by a few people and in a year or two when they realize its not like a gun they try and sell them back or not use them.

I wouldn’t worry about rifles, the politicians in Chicago hate guns and don’t want to give anyone in this state another reason to own a rifle or buy more.  Someone tried to bring a bill like this up a few years ago and it was shot down immediately.

Posted by Bigb on June 27

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