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Bowfishing for Catfish Bills Pass

Thu, May 26, 2016

Bowfishers in IL, along with the Bowfishing Association of America are celebrating the passage of both the Senate and House bills that will allow the addition of catfish to the list of legal species to be taken by bow and arrow. The bills currently await Governor Rauner’s signature.

If Rauner signs the legislation, bowfishers can expect to see DNR issue an proposed admin rule change notice outlining any regulations regarding species, limits, and any restrictions regarding the bodies of water where catfish can be legally taken by bow and arrow.

It is important for bowfishers in IL to refrain from taking any catfish by bow and arrow until the admin rule change process is complete
. Although it may be signed into law by Governor Rauner, it will not be legal for bowfishers to take catfish until DNR has set the final rules regarding limits, areas open to catfishing by bow etc.

During the admin rule process the public will have an opportunity to comment regarding any specific rules regarding bowfishing for catfish that will be issued.


Great news. I’ve been bowfishing for Carp for seveal years and now will enjoy Catfish as well, if the governor signs this?

Posted by steve8261948 on May 30

Sign this bill, Governor!

Posted by steve8261948 on June 13

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Oppose Illinois SB-1657 Springfield Armory Illinois gun laws