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Bobcat Permit Lottery Drawing Completed

Fri, October 21, 2016

SPRINGFIELD, IL—Those hunters and trappers who applied for 2016-2017 Illinois Bobcat Hunting and Trapping permits can check online to see whether they will be receiving a permit.  The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) has completed the lottery drawing for 500 available bobcat hunting and trapping permits.  Those whose names were drawn will be receiving their permits in the mail. Permit applicants can check their status through the IDNR website at this link:  https://www.dnr.illinois.gov/hunting/furbearer/Pages/BobcatPermitLookup.aspx

Bobcat hunting season dates:  Nov. 10, 2016-Jan. 31, 2017 (closed Nov. 18-19 and until 6 p.m. on Nov. 20; and, closed Dec. 1-3 and until 6 p.m. on Dec. 4 during Firearm Deer Season).
Bobcat trapping season dates:  Nov. 5, 2016-Jan. 20, 2017 (north zone) and Nov. 10, 2016-Jan. 25, 2017 (south zone).

The taking of bobcats is prohibited in the closed zone (north of U.S. Rt. 36 and east of U.S. 51/I-39) – see the map on Page 4 of the Digest of Illinois Hunting and Trapping Regulations https://www.dnr.illinois.gov/hunting/Documents/HuntTrapDigest.pdf


Alot of the applications submitted were from the anti-hunting and anti-trapping community.  Should be interesting to see success rates or should I say failure rates.  The state should have simply gave authority to any bobcat permit holder the ability to take a bobcat and once the goal was reached end the season.

Posted by buckbull on October 21

More info concerning the anti’s stealing our opportunity.


Posted by buckbull on October 21

Here is how DNR can stop anti-hunters/anti-trappers from getting these permits.  Require that a person submitting an application for a bobcat permit to have been issued a trapping, hunting and/or sportsmen’s license for each of the 5 years preceding the application year, i.e., for 2017, they would have to have had one of these licenses for each of the years 2012-2016. I know this would restrict some new, younger sportsmen from getting them, but it is highly unlikely any of the anti’s would have had these licenses for these number of years, and would virtually ensure that only those sportsmen who are likely to use them, get them. By the time 5 years is up and the anti’s could have the licenses the required number of years, they will have lost interest and moved on to some other issue.

Posted by bigalhunter on October 21

Id love to see a feral cat season. $5 per tag and unlimited tags…Id buy 30 just for starts…..air rifle,bow,crossbow only. Hell id even use the bowfishing set-up;)

Posted by WhitetailFreak on October 21

Two problems here, first no way to tell what amount is going to trappers, and what portion is going to hunters. This needs to be known by the DNR for management reasons, because the effectiveness of the two upon the species is very different. With trapping you have the availability of selective harvest as an option, not so much once you pull a trigger, or let an arrow go.
Trappers have the ability to be way more selective with harvest, thus those young females, and first year kittens most likely will be released, especially with fur prices in a very deep toilet like they are. I feel with hunters the excitement of harvesting a Bobcat will take over, and most hunters will take advantage to fill a special permit for the first time. Most of these cats that are harvested will end up at the taxidermist, even for trappers.

The antis don’t have enough knowledge about the species to even understand why a harvest was needed in the first place, and thus their action of purchasing permits is even more proof of that lack of knowledge. In their simple thinking minds they think a season was brought forth for the harvest of high dollar bobcat pelts, but in truth that was never even a consideration at any point in the reason to move forward with a season.

Bobcats are like any other wild cat, and sometimes nature is real hard upon certain species, especially certain predators. Females with young kittens are very reclusive, and for very good reason. These females with kittens don’t even like to mingle with their own species especially the older Bobcat Tom’s during these times they have kittens. An older Tom that encounters a female with kittens lots of times given the chance will kill the young kittens. This is done by the Tom in order to bring the female back into season, thus the new Tom will be able to pass on his bloodline. This is very common amongst the cat species, and even takes place with common everyday house cat. Real world no Disney movie BS here!!

After talking to several wildlife professionals that worked in states that had reopened a harvest season for bobcats, there was one thing that really stood out in every conversation, and that was the kitten survival rates always went up. With a harvest in place, and with trappers taking mostly the larger Tom’s, the females were able to wean, and bring to adolescent age more bobcats, thus expanding the species more by selective harvest. This my friends is scientific wildlife management at its best !!!

The antis have no desire to help bobcats, or expand their numbers, because if that was truly their agenda, then they would have supported the efforts that have taken place. They base all their knowledge, and information off humane emotion, and use it only to advance their financial coffers, and six figure paychecks.

I guess the best way to deal with the permit issues is to make it mandatory to have a trapping/ hunting license in order to apply for a permit. Simple enough, and if they are stupid enough to support through license purchase, and permit purchase, then take some of the money back that they steal each year. Also remember the requirements in place to obtain a trapping, and hunting license, the mandatory education classes, so how many would be willing to take them in order to purchase permits for their cause. Second thought maybe we could convert some once they learned the truth.

RRT.      Stay safe, and enjoy the outdoors everyone.         

Posted by Ringtailtrapper on October 22

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