Monday night bass tournaments


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Heartland Outdoors

Are You Hardwater Experienced?

Tue, December 12, 2017

Park Falls, WI (November 30, 2017) – Individually, ice fishing’s annual beginning comes when you hand-churn crisp ice crystals from that first hole. Symbolically, across the Ice Belt, ice fishing’s starting gun sounds when the tape breaks at the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show, which opens Friday, December 1st and runs through late afternoon on Sunday, December 3rd.

A perennial exhibitor, St. Croix Rod is turning up the volume this year. First, you’ll recognize a couple icons in the St. Croix booth; known ice fishing statesmen who have recently teamed with The Best Rods on Earth. Next, attendees will be able to touch the new, and much anticipated Legend Black ice rod…and then beeline over to one of many stocking dealers in the building to buy one. And last but not least, St. Croix is extending a sweepstakes offer with fishing rod giveaways, and the grand prize being a guided ice fishing trip with one Mr. Tony Roach.

Speaking of the living ice fishing legend, Tony will be in the St. Croix booth (Friday: 7 pm, Saturday: 11 am, and Sunday: 10 am) talking about everything from meticulously matching St. Croix rods to species and techniques, to, hopefully, spilling the beans on few spots worth investigating this winter.

Tony, a staunch advocate of St. Croix’s new Legend Black had this to say about the premium rod: “I’ve fished just about every ice rod in existence, and can tell you with complete confidence that St. Croix has finally produced the ultimate hardwater tool. Each rod in the Legend Black series feels super comfortable, familiar, like an extension of your jigging arm.”

(Incentivizing purchases of Legend Black at the show, if you pick one – or more – up at a St. Croix dealer, you get a free St. Croix beanie – valued at $20. Easily redeemable at the St. Croix booth.)

Joining Tony will be Joel Nelson, another ice fishing rockstar who has joined the St. Croix family. “St. Croix ice has long had the best spring-bobber system on the planet, period,” says Joel, having fished and tested more rods on the ice than we dare say anyone.  “Croix’s strike indicators have been emulated by rod-makers and individual anglers across the ice belt, but none have achieved the same level of performance.

“To that, nobody knows rod actions like St. Croix, so you can trust that the best strike indicator is mounted to an amazing blank as well.”

Joel Nelson will be showing his face in the St. Croix booth Friday at 5 pm and Sunday at 11 am.

Besides Legend Black, show attendees will also see last year’s ice fishing breakthrough rod, Mojo Ice.

At first glance, the uniqueness of Mojo Ice is evident in its specialized reel-seat and handle section. St. Croix Director of Engineering, Jason Brunner, elaborates. “I’ll be honest; the split-grip cork/EVA handle is pretty cool looking. But there’s much more to it than that.

“The Mojo Ice split-grip handle offers a couple of significant advantages: The reduced mass makes the overall rod weight lighter. The split-grip also provides direct hand contact with the blank, significantly increasing sensitivity, especially for those who use the popular pistol-grip hold. Your hand makes actual contact with the blank.” To this, Brunner notes that the “contoured and sexy” split-grip configuration is exceptionally comfortable in your hand.

Clearly, St. Croix is making it worth your while. Stop and see Tony, Joel and the rest of the crew. Check out the new rods. Enter the sweepstakes. Go purchase a rod. And take home one sweet looking, body warming beanie.


Monday night bass tournaments