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Agreement Averts Layoffs to Illinois Conservation Police

Fri, December 30, 2016

CPOT Justin Knop helps to distribute welcome gifts provided by the Conservation Police Officers Association, to the participants at the 8th annual Wounded Warrior Grassy Lake Waterfowl Hunt.  It should be noted that Knop, a veteran himself who served with the National Guard in Afghanistan as part of a mission to support Special Forces in that country, is one of the current group of 12 CPO Trainees who face layoff on December 31st. Knop was Valedictorian of his Conservation Police Academy class. Knop additionally provided participants with education regarding Illinois rules and regulations and the opportunities available for veterans and the disabled in the Illinois outdoors

At nearly the last possible moment - Illinois CPO’s are no longer operating in a circus of uncertainty regarding layoffs and certification of CPO Trainees. In a release from the Governor Rauners office this morning, it was announced that the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police ratified it’s collective bargaining agreement, this saving the jobs of approximately 32 Conservation Police Officers.

SPRINGFIELD - Governor Bruce Rauner announced today the Administration has reached a collective bargaining agreement with the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council representing Illinois Conservation Police Officers.

“Through fair and good faith negotiations, we were able to reach a compromise that continues to protect our state parks and other natural resources,” Rauner General Counsel Dennis Murashko said. “This new contract is fair to both state employees and taxpayers, and we look forward to continuing our partnership while working together to serve the citizens of Illinois.”

The agreement includes a four-year wage freeze and ensures no conservation police officers will be laid off, while we work to expand staffing levels.



That’s good news. These officers run their butts off to protect our resources. Look at the a**hole poachers with them in place…just think what it would be like without them…glad your staying around officers…

Posted by Baba ORiley on December 31

Good news or those possibly on the hook to be laid off, but I believe the root of the whole problem still exist. This action was adverted because the CPO’s gave up pay increases for themselves in order to help the group as a whole, that is something that doesn’t happen very often now days, and speaks volumes about the type of people we have in this state for CPO’s.

The real problem is still the lack of funding for the IDNR, and the programs that have been raped over the last two decades, and the fact we still have no state budget in place. What an embarrassment for this state!! The way the whole financial structure of a state is able to be held up by just a few certain people is criminal in my opinion.


Posted by Ringtailtrapper on January 01

No pay raise for 4 years is horrible.  That will impact the officers for the rest of their career should they choose to stay in IL.

Posted by buckbull on January 03

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Monday night bass tournaments