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The Ghost Fly Featured on the web

Tuesday, October 19

As some of you know, I have been working on a fly pattern for the last six months that I call the Graham’s Ghost.  A few weeks ago I sent my creation to a site called flyfishohio.  This is a great site that has tons of flies and the directions on how to tie them.  I sent my design in hoping they may like it.  Well, the editor of the site did like it and wanted to feature it on the site.

It is now up onthe site complete with pictures, directions, and a few tips on how I fish it.

You can check out the complete scoop at www.flyfishohio.com.  My grand hope is that possibly I can get a fly company to pick up the pattern and sell it around the world.  I guy can dream…................right?

AS ALWAYS…...................HAIL TO THE SMALLIE

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