Heartland Outdoors: Non-Typical Hunter

The cooler weather paid off

Wednesday, October 13

What a day! Nearly 2 weeks in the timber and 2 does to show for it, before today. I like does, so that wasn’t a derogatory remark,  it just wasn’t what I was after. I had a hunch, with the weather change and temps dropping this morning, that it would cause these deer to move. Boy did they! At least where I was hunting.

Got out of bed at 3:00 am.showered, drank coffee and made the 2 hour drive to the farm. Made it to the woods at 6:20 am. At first light, which was only 25 or so minutes later, a couple of does walked by me just a few yards away. They meandered around for about 10 minutes (OK, maybe 5 but it seemed like 10) until one of them got nervous and moved over about 40 yards. The other does then followed. A forky walked by me at 10 yards making me think I set-up way to close to the action. 20 minutes later, a buck (that I thought was a doe) moved into my area, again at 10 yards. This was THE monster! He was too close for me to shoot, so I let him walk out to the 15-20 yard mark and punched both shoulder blades out and literally dropped him in his tracks! What a rush!

It doesn’t get much better than that! So I packed up and headed home for some much needed rest. I’ve been getting up too early for too long and needed a nap! When recreation becomes work, it’s time to back off. I’m looking forward to more cooler weather and shorter days. It’s getting good now and I have some more tags to fill, so looking forward to some more action!

Anyone else have any luck today?

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