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Sun Foundation

Tuesday, September 11

If you’ve never heard of the Sun Foundation here in central Illinois then I will tell you my friend, you are missing out on an incredible organization.  They have been here in central Illinois for over 40 years, educating and enriching young people’s lives with hands on educational events. From the ever-popular Arts and Science in the Woods summer camp to the annual Clean Water Celebration that is host to thousands of students in central Illinois each year at the Civic Center.  Not to mention many incredible and unique fundraising events that are all worth attending.  If you don’t know anything about them please visit their website and consider donating by attending a fundraising event or donating outright.  These programs are more likely something progressive enough that you might find in the Chicago area not here in central Illinois.  Bob and Joan Ericksen—the founders, are incredible people that have opened up their land and home to so many world-renown scientists and artists. Please visit their website to learn more.  I know that as soon as my son is old enough, he will be attending their summer camp adventure!


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