Heartland Outdoors: Shootin' Whitetails

Still in Velvet?

Saturday, October 16

Here’s a picture of a little buck I took Tuesday afternoon, he was still clinging to some velvet. This is probably the latest I’ve seen a buck still in velvet. Granted he’s a very young buck, but all of the other spikes I’ve seen have hardened antlers.


There was some speculation from the folks over at SILO that it might be a doe with antlers, which sometimes stay in velvet, but a shot of him jumping a fence disproved that theory. I was able to get pretty close to this scraggy little fellow as he was feeding on acorns.


That seems to be were I’m seeing a lot of deer in the afternoons now, feeding on acorns and not in the fields until later in the evenings.


What’s the latest anybody else has seen a buck still in velvet?

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