Heartland Outdoors: Scattershooting

A 297-pound catfish

Monday, October 18

The International Game Fish Association has two monster fish included in its latest issue of hot catches.

One of them is a 297-pound, 9-ounce wels catfish.
welscatHungarian angler Zsedely Attila caught the fish on Italy’s River Po while fishing a Rapala plug. He needed more than an hour to bring the fish to the boat. That’s the third potential IGFA all-tackle record from the River Po in the past year. All three were released alive.

The current IGFA record is 250 pounds, 3 ounces caught and released a month earlier on Feb. 5, by Italian angler Roberto Godi of Arcole Veroma.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes somebody to start forwarding this wels picture and saying the fish was caught in some lake in Texas, as has happened in the past. Sigh.

The other lunker is a 30-pound, 8-ounce lake trout out of Great Bear Lake in Canada’s Northwest Territories landed by fly fisherman Frank Bluch of Corio Victoria, Australia. He caught the fish Aug. 7 using ultra thin 2-pound tippet and fought the fish for more than four hours. The trout hit a white dumbell strip tease fly. The fish was released. The current IGFA fly fishing record is 18 pounds, 8 ounces.


To read more, visit the IGFA Website: http://www.igfa.org.


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