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River Drawdowns and Cerakote Guns

Monday, July 30

Apologies for the randomness of this blog but I had two recent subjects that I wanted to cover and didn’t want to write separate blogs. 

Given some of the controversy over the Emiquon drawdown project and construction I thought I’d share a good video on why the ability to mimic natural summer water drawdown is so critical and gaining momentum around the US:


Also wanted to plug an excellent custom gun maker and cerakote gun finisher.  We’re starting to see cerakote finishes on guns of all sizes and types.  I had Deadeye cerakote in Kryptek variation my old Benelli Vinci in place of buying a new 1200-1600$ duck gun.  The gun looks, feels, and functions like new and from what I understand about cerakote it is now armor-clad unlike the earlier “dips” that used to be applied to guns.  This particular gun of mine was dipped aftermarket and within a year began to rub off and was always slick in my hands.  The cerakote is an obviously stronger bond and has a slightly tackier feel.  Plus—it looks super cool. . . .


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