Heartland Outdoors: Scattershooting

Reporting glitch for youth deer hunt

Tuesday, October 12

Hot weather didn’t help youngsters last weekend during the Illinois youth deer hunt.

The weekend wasn’t very kind to the DNR’s harvesting reporting system, either.

Here’s a note from top deer biologist Paul Shelton explaining the situation.

“We had a glitch in the harvest reporting system during part of the weekend that affected youth hunters trying to report harvest (it didn’t affect archers). Could you do a post telling them we had the problem; that it has been corrected; and if they were unable to register their deer they can go ahead and do so now.  It’s our problem - they don’t have to worry about not getting it reported during the specified time.  We just want to get the data if we missed anyone because of the problem.”

Shelton said he will try to provide preliminary results as soon as possible.

Based strictly on anecdotal evidence from area youngsters, there were not a lot of deer shot in central Illinois. Movement was down due to the heat and, though there were some big bucks spotted, activity was well behind last year’s youth hunt.

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