Heartland Outdoors: Scattershooting

Possible giant S. Illinois buck?

Friday, October 15

I received this cell phone video of a big buck that may or may not have been shot here in Illinois on Oct. 13. Soon-to-be blogger Darin DeNeal sent it my way while I was watching Elmwood play football tonight (very well, I might add).

Word is this deer was shot by a 19-year-old bowhunter from Olmsted, which is located in the deep southern part of the state near the Ohio River. But the same youngster has reportedly gone on Facebook and said the deer is fake. Hmmm. It doesn’t look real fake in this rough video.


Check back for more details as they become available.

Incidentally, if you Google Olmsted, you come up with a report about a shark found on a boat ramp there. Big bucks and sharks? What a place. Check out this link.


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