Heartland Outdoors: Scattershooting

No bow, just phone problems

Friday, October 01

Being a small business owner is endlessly amusing. The latest hilarity here is that we still don’t have the Heartland Outdoors land-line phone lines set up. Don’t ask why. It’s not for a lack of calls and e-mails, that’s for sure.

So while I should be planning a bowhunt today, I’m going to spend my time beating my head against my new desk as I deal with the phone folks. My bow season is going to get a late start, it looks like. November maybe? I sure hope so.

In the mean time, if anyone really, really needs to reach Heartland Outdoors or wants to subscribe, you can call (309) 231-6040 or 231-3350. Our crack staff is here to assist you.

Now on to more discussions with the phone companies…

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