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I’ve got the itch again!

Monday, October 18

After last week’s BBD, I told myself I’ll take some time off and rest a bit. OK, I’m rested!

This cooler weather is really getting me fired up. Although I’m hearing the same complaint from many hunters regarding low sightings, I have to reiterate to hunt differently this time of year. The key here is to change your times and your locations!

One of the reasons I got so burnt out last week was because I was so obessed in getting one of the two bucks I was after. I definitely pushed the outer envelope with that one! I was in the timber from dawn until dusk, trying to catch them in route. I got to the point where I was starting to take the fun away from the sport. Never again! What I have decided to do is to hunt the optimum times instead of the all day thing. What you need to know now is to hunt the bucks in the late morning and early afternoon IN THE TIMBER, not on the field edges. Around here, try working the timber around 9:30 am. - noon and then again around 1:30 pm. to 3:30 pm or longer. Some hunters just don’t get this concept but they DO MOVE in the middle of the day this time of year. Get in the middle of the acorn masts that are near water and preferably in the lower lying elevations. The does will move in the mornings more than the bucks will now I believe. So do yourself a favor, sleep in, eat a good breakfast and hunt in the late morning.

I have been using my time off this week wisely by revamping my non typical hunter website. It’s not finished yet but I’m offering new services and am going to add an interactive question and answer page. It will save me 50 emails a day if a reader posts his/her question on the site and for me to answer it online for the others to read. I’ll even be posting the details about a new trade show I’m organizing for next year in the Peoria area! Once I get the details ironed out, I’ll let everybody in on it. A few more days on the computer and I’ll be back in the timber!

This weekend is gun turkey season, so I’m going to grab the old cannon, AKA the 10 gauge, and head out with my son to bag some Thanksgiving vittles! It should be fun.

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