Heartland Outdoors: Scattershooting

Brushing the duck blind

Monday, October 04

All this cold weather roused me from my work-induced stupor.

It was time to get outside and do something instead of looking at the damn computer.

And the frost warning was the perfect excuse to get out. “Sweetie, I’ve got to cut willows for the duck blind before they lose all their leaves.”

Actually, there was truth in that comment. I found plenty of yellow, sickly looking willows during my drives. But I also found just enough green, leafy willows to cover the blind pretty well. The kids helped on Sunday.

The boys at the blind

Well, they sort of helped. Then Henry saw a giant orb spider on the way to one willow patch and all bets were off. Next thing I knew they were off looking for a big black snake said to live near the duck blind. Why they would search for a snake and be scared of a spider is beyond me.

The end result is we wound up only collecting one load of brush and spent most of our time snake hunting. And the blind was left looking fairly shabby, as you can tell from Victor’s picture below.

Duck blind from far away

Fortunately they had school today and I was able to pile more brush on the blind. I picked up a load of oak branches and then found some more willows.

Two more loads of willows on Tuesday should round things out nicely. We’ll use cord grass bundles from The Farmer for whatever else we need and should get through the season nicely, barring a tornado.

Now I’m left hoping for rain so I can flood the wetland located just east of the blind. The millet there has headed out and should offer some feed for ducks.

All things considered, I’m fairly excited about this duck season. If nothing else, preparing for the season offers the perfect break from computer work.

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