Heartland Outdoors: Shootin' Whitetails

Doe Fight

Sunday, October 17

Here’s a series I took the first week of October as a group of deer were feeding in a field. These two does went toe to toe for a minute in what looked like a heavy weight boxing match. Notice the bucks in the background not paying any attention to the does.


The doe on the left lands a blow to the face of the other doe!


Must have wacked her good because she’s had enough.


Now get going and leave this corn for me.


Boy if looks could kill, look at those ears laid back, and the other doe hanging her head walking away. I didn’t even notice the nice eight point buck was there at first, I was too engaged watching these does go at it.


I love being out watching the deer in my area. Every time out is an opportunity to learn about individuals as well as the social behavior of the herd.

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