Heartland Outdoors: Non-Typical Hunter

Cooler weather tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 12

I was just at Wolf Hollow archery in Chillicothe today and happened to be conversing with Larry when he mentioned a big drop in temps tomorrow. As soon as I got home, I checked the forecast and sure enough, the high tomorrow here in central, IL. is in the 60’s! That’s what I’m talking about!!!

With the drastic change of weather comes a drastic change of behavior. In fact, it’s the big “change” that moves them more than the weather itself. Cool weather will move them good but coming off of a heat wave, it will move them even better. Whether it’s freezer meat or racks for the wall, I’m looking forward in shooting some deer!

I noticed some new scrapes and some really fresh rubs on the trees yesterday. In fact, I swear I heard a buck rubbing like there was no tomorrow last week when I was hunting but never investigated it due to the fact it was shooting time. I checked that area yesterday where the noise came from last week and sure enough, there was a tree about 8” wide with its bark shredded. I was only about 50 yards from that area last week while he was rubbing that tree but there was no chance of me sneaking up to him.  Maybe I’ll see him in the near future!

Until the next episode, stay tuned…

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