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Catching Big October Fish

Friday, October 15

All you guys can go hide and sneak through the woods all you want this month. For me, I will spend my precious outdoor time on the water! Here are some pics from fishing last weekend. The big fish bite in October!

We caught the hybrid stripers and catfish using chicken liver and we caught the smallmouth bass using golden shiners. For those who don’t know me yet, I take lots of folks fishing and we use whatever baits or lures are working the best to catch the most and biggest fish. We catch fish and we eat fish! When there is a bounty there is a harvest.

This upcoming weekend I will be taking some ladies crappie fishing for a fish fry Saturday night and will be taking some guys rainbow trout fishing Sunday afternoon. Chef Todd is going to be grilling up crawfish stuffed trout and his famous sweet chili glazed trout! Gonna be a great weekend for fishing and eating!!

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