Heartland Outdoors: Non-Typical Hunter

A Rotten Day in the Woods

Monday, October 11

Tired, miserable and burnt are just three words I can use to describe how I feel after hunting in the timber for 12 solid hours! I packed my lunch and water, then took off for woods. I hit some areas that I normally wouldn’t hit today with the hopes of finding one of the two bucks I’m looking for. No such luck.  I took another change of clothes with me anticipating body perspiration and I’m glad I did! 80+ degrees did nothing good for me as I was packed like a sardine in a Ghillie suit.

The highlight of my day was when a gray squirrel crawled on my knee! He was a cute little thing and wasn’t scared a bit. In fact, he recognized me from last week, so he assumed we were friends. I also had a turkey play games with me. He would show up in the trail cam right after I passed it. He did the same when I returned. I wouldn’t have known it but I pulled the SD card after I was finished and saw the little devil.

OK, the animals had their fun with me today. Fair enough. I’ll have my fun with them later this week! Hee Hee.

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