Heartland Outdoors: Through the Lens

A Plethora of Pollinators

Friday, July 13

The heat - oh goodness - this ugly oppressive heat wave can quit any day now. Hot weather and MS just don’t mix; so my outdoor time has been seriously curtailed the last few weeks. Thank heavens there exists the great group of prairie and pollinator plantings at Pyramid State Park. It’s lovely area, shaded, with a picnic table, just on the water’s edge that has just been bustling in very early hours just after sunrise.

This little corner of Pyramid, whether you choose to fish from the dock, sit quietly and reflect, gaze upon all the different blooming specimens of prairie and pollinator plants or hang out practicing your macro photography is just the ticket.

The sheer variety of insect species that I have been finding in the three different beds that make up these planting has been amazing. Sadly though, butterflies seem to be in short supply this year. I just am not seeing the usual number of butterflies. I am actually seeing very few. I hope this is just glitch or a timing issue and not a portent of what we may be losing. In other years these plantings have been rife with all sorts of butterflies; including monarchs.

Here’s a look at some of the niftiest looking visitors. Let me say up front, insect ID is not my forte and I am currently awaiting a new field guide to arrive so, if you have correct names, please please feel free to jump in the comment section and tell us about these nifty flying jewels and winged creatures!

The other great thing abut these dawn trips to Pyramid - well of course there are those gorgeous sunrises - but it’s the cottontails! Those little buggers are everywhere at Pyramid! Here, there, yon - hopping, skipping and plundering along the rabbit population in all of Pyramid sure is thriving! One little guy seems especially interested in being my buddy while I am standing there neck deep in bugs trying to photograph those little flying f-14’s that are feeding on the flowers.

So get out there in the early hours, find a nice planting, and look really close - there’s a whole world living in those flowers!



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