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Through the Lens

When Enough is Enough

Sat, October 16, 2010

Photo taken By Gila Rainey - Todd of Gila’s Place Photography and Design

I received this from friend and fellow photographer Gila Todd just yesterday. It would seem that the subdivision has had a round of burglaries of late and the residents have simply said - enough is enough.

After I had a good laugh - I talked with my friend Gila - to get the whole story. Yes, there had been burglaries and yes most of the residents in the somewhat rural subdivision in Missouri we locked and loaded and just waiting for the burglars to strike again.  Not that anyone was advocating armed violence of any sort. But they were sending a clear message. They won’t tolerate this mini crime wave a moment longer. They are exercising their right to keep and bear arms, to defend their property. They own guns, may well be carrying them, know how to use them and are not bound up by a series of gun laws, rules, regulations and FOID cards as we are here where I live in IL.

Illinois - take heed; we’d like to be able to advertise so plainly that we are locked and loaded and intolerant of those who would trespass on property, violate and invade our homes, and threaten our safety and well being.

I’ve always loved the area where my friend Gila lives, and this is just another reason why.  Buying a gun is simple, owning a gun is simple. Feeling safe is simple.

Maybe the criminals who have been harassing those in this neighborhood will take heed; then again, maybe they’ll just hop across the river where it’s easier pickings and the residents aren’t always so safely armed.


I laughed when Gila posted this to her facebook.

Posted by illin on October 16

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