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Through the Lens

Let Shed Season Commence

Wed, January 25, 2012

Despite many proclamations from my trusted shed hunting friends that it’s still too early, Willie and I have started our shed hunting season. I have to grudgingly admit that it probably is too early because we have not been successful. However - I have a ton of winter fat to work off, and need to get back in shape for those day long hikes when the antlers really start dropping.

I have high hopes that Willie is going pan out as a shed dog. While there are specific training programs and products out there for training your dog to shed hunt, I took a simple approach with Mr. Blockhead. 

First I only give him antlers and bones for “chew toys”, and I introduced him the term “bones” which equals antler just as I did with other items that I’ve taught him to fetch and retrieve for me. (Beer cans were a fiasco.. he likes beer too much and gleefully poked a hole in every single can!)  Then after he knew what I meant when I said “Find the bones Willie” I started hiding antlers in increasingly difficult spots to test his nose. Has worked great in training, but he hasn’t found an antler out in the field yet. Neither have I this year.

What he has found is a multitude of duck, goose, rabbit, mouse, vole, and all varieties of other bones. At this juncture any bone is a good bone, and I praise him just as much for those bones as I do for an antler.  Probably not what the professionals would suggest for training, but it’s working okay for us so far.

I’ll keep you posted on how we do, but here’s a few photos of the little devil scouring the strip pits -

bones..bones..bones.. I’m lookin’ for bones..

Hey! I smell bones.. really..right here!

I’m on it! There is definitely a bone in here!

I never said it was a BIG bone…..

Hey! I’m a water dog and there just might be something this ditch

No bones in that hole but maybe over the next hill….



Fun read G!!!!Good luck on your next trip!!!!

Posted by WhitetailFreak on January 25

Thanks! We were going to try again today but this icky, cold, almost freezing rain, stuff.. umm I think we’ll pass!

Posted by G on January 25

I can’t wait to get out and see if I can find some sheds, even though I’ve got to be the worst shed hunter ever.

Posted by illinibowhunter on January 25

Go get em Willie! It was a great day to be out yesterday G. Hope you and Willie find a bunch.

Posted by mdoc on January 25

G, i think your not too far from where i am.  I have not seen a single shed buck.  Seen about ten last friday on my weekly lap.  2 were missing a side but not sure if it was shed or busted.  Buddy is getting pictures of his bucks fighting.  I doubt i enter any of my honey holes till late next month.  I do have a set from last year that i need to find.  Friend shot him this year and we have every set hes shed other than last years.  You need to bring buddy this direction.!

Posted by clintharvey on January 25

Nice pics G!
Is there anything better than spending a day with your dog(s)! It’s a great way to melt off some stress when needed.
Running up and down the highways this winter has put some weight on me that I need to get rid of. Shed hunting sounds like the ticket.
My dogs are good at finding the other end of the deer…....hind legs.
They’ll no Willie but they’ll get there….maybe?? LOL

Posted by SWAMPMAN on January 25

Clint, I’m still getting buck fights on trail cma video as well.  A couple of my smaller bucks have one side missing, but the bigger bucks still have both…at my place anyway.

Posted by Treehugger on January 26

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