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Through the Lens

Eyes on the Ground!

Thu, March 29, 2012

Heaven knows I’ve gotten some pretty good looks at the forest floor this week. Still gimping around from that darned MS relapse business, so I’ve been taking lots of rest periods, just sitting on the floor of woods. I’ve been loving laying in the sweet violets and grass on the creek banks watching Willie splash and scamper and try his darnedest to grab a fish or two. He almost had shiner yesterday .. but it flipped, he freaked, and it went sailing downstream.

Willie’s a pretty good helper for gimpy old gal, and he’s learned to instinctively tell when I need to rest. He gives my pant leg a jerk, and if I don’t pay attention, it’s another jerk and then a head butt. If the head butt doesn’t work, I swear he snorts, ” SIT DOWN YOU FOOL!”

Will did pretty good finding fall mushrooms, and lo and behold the little rat isn’t so bad with morels either. In the reversal SIT command, he planted my fanny right into a pile. Guess the yella lug is going to pan out to be pretty handy after all!

Hey - you sit. I’ll swim. By the way blind woman there’s mushroom there. Ahem.

Well what do you do know…Jughead was right.. there was a mushroom RIGHT THERE

Such a wonderful place to have a rest!

So I sat..Willie swam, and we just sucked up every last bit of that creek bottom we could! Finally it was time to call him in, put his pack back on and trundle out.

You need to rest more….I need to swim more… - He’s always having the last word!

Have little sit on creek bank in the coming days, drink in the sweet smell of mushrooms, sweet violets, mock orange and Russian olive. Watch the fish splash. Be thankful that winter is gone and the world is bursting forth in a bright and beautiful celebration that Mother Nature is throwing just for us! And while you have that rest, keep those eyes on the ground, you just might find a few of these!

Willie - he has the nose that knows!




Love the photos and the story !  I can’t wait to get out this weekend and look for some myself.. I however won’t have a good as partner as you did on your trip grin

Posted by Camogirl on March 29

What part of the state are you finding those in?  I have seen some pictures of a couple grays that are being found in the Bloomington area.  I am hoping with the rain we had yesterday that this afternoon will be a good time to find some!  Nice photos!

Posted by illinibowhunter on March 30

Cool blog and photos G. Hope you find many more!

Posted by coinman66 on March 30

I’m down in the southwestern the Mississippi /Kaskaskia river triangle.. the woods were surprisingly dry yesterday upon the ridge lines. It’s an odd season seems to me, I’m not getting a good feel for it it yet. Hope today’s predicted rain comes and will get them going full tilt!

Now as for that good partner.. he finds ‘em…BUT he also stomps on them, rolls in them, smashes them and in general can be a big darn train wreck with them some times..

Posted by G on March 30

Glad you are able to get back in the woods!!!  Nice Photos!!!!  Keep’em coming!!!

Posted by Isshe on March 30

Good read and nice pics G. Looks like I need to go check my yellow spot.

Posted by illin on March 30

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