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Through the Lens

Buggins is the Best!

Tue, June 11, 2013

I recently wrote about my battle with the Gnarly Gnats - those nasty mean biting little black flies AKA buffalo gnats. I was truly at my wits end. Thanks to the weather conditions and flood waters, those mean little biters continued to be the bane of my existence when prowling around the flood waters, creeks, and anyplace I was near water.

- thanks to the recommendations of our great readers here in the Heartland community, I am now no longer troubled by those little devils. Several readers suggested a product to me called Buggins. It didn’t take me long to get on the hunt for a bottle of this stuff. I located mine at the local Rural King store, although it was also readily available a number of online outlets.

I went directly from the store to the creek and applied a liberal amount of the plant based Buggins Natural Insect Repellent, in the Vanilla Mint and Rose line. Bearing in mind that I had left the creek earlier in the day because I simply could not stand one more gnat up the nose, I was a bit skeptical that a product with no chemicals, that was labeled as safe for children over the age of 1 year old, and with such a pleasant scent and feel on my skin would actually slow down the hordes of biting flies, let alone stop them all together.

Much to my surprise, it worked! Not only did the Buggins work, it worked extremely well and lasted for several hours in the heat and humidity before I needed to reapply. The scent was most a pleasant mix of vanilla, mint and a hint of rose. Not at all chemical or medicinal smelling. The feel of the product on my skin was pleasant as well, almost cooling and soothing, with no stinging or that awful greasy feeling that other insect repellents have.

Best of all, Buggins Natural is an all natural product, so I am not exposing myself or the environment to any harsh chemicals.  Per the Buggins web site :

Buggins is DIFFERENT
Plant-based active ingredients
Mainly water, not alcohol or oil
Not sticky or greasy
Does not need to be washed off
Contains pure Peppermint Oil and Geraniol, an herbal repellent tested by the University of Florida as an effective, NATURAL alternative to DEET. Also contains lemongrass and clove oils for an extra boost.
This is a pleasant-smelling fragrance spray with a unique aroma consisting of refreshing peppermint, garden roses and creamy vanilla

I have to agree, Buggins is different - IT WORKS!  Visit the Buggins web site today to find a list of retailers that carry this wonderful product.
Many thanks to the Heartland readers who recommended this product - It’s definitely a five star product that we should all have in our packs! .



I will have to try this product out G. Thanks for the info!

Posted by coinman66 on June 11

See, I wouldn’t tell you about something that didn’t work. I keep a bottle in my truck,in my fishin bucket and another spare in my man cave garage.

Posted by berlin on June 11

Berlin - you have no idea how thankful I am you recommended this! That’s what I love about being part of the Heartland community - everyone is so willing to share tips, tricks etc. with each other. There are now bottles stashed in every vehicle, tackle bag/box and one on the porch for guests. Buggins should give you a commission wink

Posted by G on June 11

Have a bottle in my truck one in my tractor and one on the back deck, stuff works but if you start sweating you have to re-apply.

Posted by cuttnstrut on June 11

Buggins and my therma-cell have been a must for fishing lately…

Posted by WhitetailFreak on June 11

I was in my local Rural King a couple days ago and they had cases of this stuff at the front door.

Posted by silbowhunter on June 12

Does BUGGINS work better that the Vanilla Bug Spray (VBS) that is or was made and sold in the Pekin area and a few locations in East Peoria/Peoria.  I usually order it online and it works pretty good.  But if Buggins works better I am all for switching.

Posted by t.o.m.m. on June 13

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